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Raven IM6 Float Rods


Raven IM6 Float Rods provide excellent control when float fishing, allowing longer drifts and better hook sets. Raven rods are constructed from some of the finest graphite blanks and hardware available today. Raven is the number one choice of diehard center pin and float anglers from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest and north through Canada to Alaska.

Features of Raven IM6 Float Rods include:

  • Matte burgundy blank
  • PacBay TiCH high frame guides with black finish
  • Exclusive Raven SiC tip top guide (RW and SR models)
  • REC Recoil snake guides (first 3 guides) and REC Recoil tip top (Winter Edition WE model only)
  • Premium quality Portuguese cork handle
  • Convenient hook keeper
  • Matching burgundy protective cloth bag
  • Custom Edition Rosewood reel seat and butt cap (select models)
  • Sliding rings with black finish aluminum butt cap (select models)
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Extended Coverage
  • Manaufacturer's 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect

Specifications for Raven IM6 Float Rods can be seen in the Specifications tab above.

Raven IM6 Float Rods
A11' 6"2Med. Light6 - 121/8 - 1/222
B11' 6"2Med. Light6 - 121/8 - 1/2187/8
A13' 6"3Light4 - 81/8 - 3/8201/4
B13' 6"3Light4 - 81/8 - 3/8187/8
B13' 6"3Light4 - 81/8 - 3/8187/8

Raven IM6 Float Rods
ARaven IM6 Float Rods Handle A
BRaven IM6 Float Rods Handle B
Review Summary
(20 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.100%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (17)
Good Tip Action (15)
Sensitive (13)
Durable (13)
Accurate Casting (10)
Flexible (8)
Hard To Transport (5)
Small guides for icy temp (2)
Best Uses
River Fishing (14)
Large Fish (2)
Trout and salmon (2)
CenterPinning (2)
float fishing large rivers (2)

Customer Reviews
United States
 Awesome, 11'6 IM6
Pros: Able to make very long casts effortlessly
Best Uses: plenty of backbone and sensitivity. Love the hightower guides amd beautifully built from top to bottom.
Comments: I bought this 11'6 IM6 with rings for the Northwest steelhead scene, it is absolutely perfect for what I needed to do. It is beautifully wrapped, the height our guides are excellent along with the tip, it really makes Fishing braided line beautiful because it doesn't wrap around the tip. the rod is super sensitive with a great tip and as the backbone needed to really drive that hook home, but still light enough to finesse is 6 pound test and works equally well for drifting and will make a great big river spoon rod.
buffalo ny
 great rod
Pros: Durable, Great warranty, Good Tip Action
Cons: Hard To Transport, Small guides for icy temp
Best Uses: CenterPinning, float fishing large rivers, Trout and salmon
Comments: I am very impressed with the rod, and happy to have purchased it.
Steelie Mike
 Great value float rod!
Pros: Able to make very long casts effortlessly
Best Uses: float fishing large rivers
Comments: I needed a longer rod to fish the bigger rivers and make longer casts. This rod worked exceptionally well for making long casts! I was able to make casts between 35 and 40 yards almost effortlessly! Rod makes keeping the line off the water a much easier task. Rod does have a bit of tip sag, but it is a non factor when the rod is fishing and not casting. Very soft tip and plenty of strength in the butt and I was able to work fish back to me that I hooked 50 to 60 yards down stream. Tip allowed me to run 6 lb and the fish could head shake all it wanted and it had no chance of breaking me off. Simply put, I loved fishing this rod! The only reason I did not rate this rod 5 out of 5 is because I have fished with the loomis float rod and it is a better rod, but for the money and still having a life time warrenty, you can't beat this rod!
 Great rod
Comments: Great rod at a great price. My only complaint is that I would of preferred a 2 piece rod versus the 3 piece. The 13'6" rod is the perfect length for mid sized rivers. I actually prefer this rod to my gloomis float rod, that costed twice as much. I paired this rod up with the Raven SST3 reel, good combo.
LNR Fisher
Western NY
 Exactly what I wanted
Pros: Durable, Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting, Sensitive, Lightweight
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: Bought the RV 9 and fished it about 10 times so far. Rod performs great. Landed many fish with no problems.
Sydney Australia
 Satisfied Customer From Downunder
Pros: Durable, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Flexible, Accurate Casting, Lightweight
Best Uses: River Fishing, Harbour fishing
Comments: I bought the rod to use as a float rod to fish for a fish we have here in Australia called a Luderick or Blackfish. These fish are fished for by using a balanced float with the bait suspended underneath. Bait is usualy green weed or a cabbage which grows on the ocean rocks. I found the rod very comfortable to hold being lightweight. It's light to medium action was great when fighting the fish & held the fish in the position I wanted until it was ready to be netted & landed. The sliding rings held the centre pin reel tight & never slipped once. Over all I'm very happy the way the rod performed & it's truly suited for fishing our harbour & rivers.
Anguished Angler
Amherst, NY
 Great Stick
Pros: Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting, Lightweight, Nice crisp rod, Protects light tippet, Great warranty, Durable
Best Uses: CenterPinning, River Fishing
Comments: Great medium to smaller water float rod. Perfect for most Erie tribs.
Steel Knot
 Great Rod..For the price
Pros: Accurate Casting, Good Tip Action, Lightweight, Flexible
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: This is my second Float Rod..13"6 and this 11" will fill the gap in river sizes. Great product..
Western NY
 Great float rod
Pros: Durable, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Float fishing, Trout and salmon
Comments: I bought the 11' 6" version that will take 12# line. It's a little stiff for <5 lb. fish, but there's nothing better when you hook one 10+ lbs. This is the second one of this model that I've owned. The first has survived 4 very full seasons and is now my back-up or loaner when I bring a friend. Nothing negative.
Utica, NY
15ft IM8
Pros: Durable, Flexible, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: I recently purchased the 15 ft. IM8 with a fixed handle. It is extremely light for it's length. It offers superior sensitivity with a great backbone. You get significantly longer drifts and can set crisp hooks at far greater distances than shorter float rods.
left coast
 Good Rod, good back bone
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: River Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: I own the 14 footer and it's been working great. It's very tough and can handle almost any steelhead and most kings.
Ann Arbor, MI
Excellent Value and Performance
Pros: Sensitive, Tremendous Value, Durable, Good Tip Action
Cons: Small guides for icy temp
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: Tried centerpinning for the first time last Fall and nailed a BIG lake run brown. I was hooked. Picked up this rod and a Matrix reel. Really great set-up at an excellent price. Sure, the G. Loomis float rod is better -- but it's $550. Mine's got the fixed mount which I definitely prefer. Good all around rig. Don't agonize -- buy it.
Alma, MI
 Everything I was looking for
Pros: Accurate Casting, Good Tip Action, Sensitive
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: This rod works great for float fishing the bigger rivers and it allows a great feel with instant hook sets.
Lake Michigan Tributaries
 well built for the price
Pros: Sensitive, Easy To Transport, Flexible
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: be careful with the high frame guides. Well built, well finished, well balanced with the islander steelheader I put on it.
Western, NY
 Great All Around Float Rod!
Pros: Accurate Casting, Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Durable, Flexible
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: This is a great all around float rod protects light leaders amazingly and has the backbone to put big fish in heavy flows on the shore quick. The most comparable rod I've found costs twice as much.
Brian L
seattle, wa
 great rod - good backbone, sensitive tip
Pros: Durable, Sensitive, Good Tip Action
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: Really like this rod. Nice cosmetics, plenty of strength in the butt and a nice sensitive tip for mending line. A+++
 Raven IM6 Centerpin Rod - Great Rod
Pros: Durable, Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action, Accurate Casting, Sensitive, Flexible
Cons: Needs better guides
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: The Raven IM6 rods are very nice. My only complaint is the guides. They bend very easily. Other than that, very nice rod for the money.
yankee builder
colorado by way of upstate ny
 every float fisherman should own one
Pros: Durable, Accurate Casting, Flexible, Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Small Fish, River Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: this is probably the best float or drift rod for the money. i would reccomend it to anyone who fishes this way.
Avon Lake, Ohio U.S.A.
 What a product
Pros: Easy To Transport, Durable, Accurate Casting, Sensitive, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: I'm new at center pin fishing for steelhead but switched from a spinning rod and will not go back. This is my first setup recomended by Erie Outfitters in Ohio and I'm hooked.I had a small problem and broke the tip section, sent it back,Raven replaced it and I was back on the water in just over a week. I'm sure I will upgrade one day and will consider Raven again.
Johnstown, PA
"Great buy for the $"
Pros: Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Flexible
Cons: Hard To Transport
Comments: Let me first say, that I put a lot of thought and time into purchasing my first float rod for a center pin setup. [...]. I would highly recommend stopping in if/when you get the chance and get some of these rods in your hands to actually feel what they are like. I have used this 11'6" rod with my SST3 8 times in the past 3 weeks and have never got sore arms or tired. balances out perfect and has great action in it. I'd highly recommend this rod for the price and will probably be purchasing at 13'6" or 15' sometime soon for other uses on larger streams and for longer drifts.
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