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Rapala X-Rap XR10 Lures are the dream lures of the 21st century. This is where technical innovation meets Rapala fishing smarts to create a lure like nothing that has hit the water before.

Rapala X-Rap Lures feature a premium finish that includes prominent scales and lateral line on the fuselage to capture and flash light like a beacon. This Rapala slashbait cuts, darts and slashes its way through the water. Intended for trout and panfish, with an internal long-cast system built in, fishing the X-Rap XR10 will get any angler's adrenaline pumping. These are suspending baits, whose natural buoyancy suspends the lure during pauses in the retrieve.

Features of Rapala X-Rap XR10 Lures include:

  • Flash foil teaser tail simulates the flash and movement of live forage
  • Premium Pyramid Point hooks
  • Internal long-cast weight system with large tungsten rattle mechanism
  • Stainless steel through-wire construction for superior structural support
  • Super strong, rust resistant split rings
  • 3D holographic eyes
  • Internal holographic foil for optimum flash
  • Textured translucent body for life-like presentation
  • Slashbait action has hard-cutting, aggressive, darting action

Specifications for Rapala X-Rap XR10 Lures can be seen in the Specifications tab above.

Rapala X-Rap XR10 Lures
Treble Hooks
XR1044 - 67/16# 4 & 5
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great action (2)
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Customer Reviews
 Small mouth candy
Comments: Great small mouth jerk bait, very versatile... Crank it down after it hits the water it will suspend, twitch it few times, pause, twitch again and be ready, big small mouth bass could not resist. Fun!!!
 X-Rap XR10
Pros: great action
Comments: Love it! It kills pike in the early season and walleye any time there is open water to troll it through.
Avid Angler
 Great rapals lure
Comments: Rapala quality and the fish love them!
United States
 Non-Stop Action
Comments: My brother-in-law took me fishing for Jacks in the Sarasota, FL area. We trolled the creek using the X-RAP XR10 lures and the action was non-stop. In a little over an hour, we brought in 24 fish and had double hits 6 times. Best color seemed to be the Silver Blue. Sent him 4 more of the lures for next time!
Muskie Al
Upstate NY
 Stanley Fisherman
Pros: great action
Best Uses: Tigers, Walleye
Comments: Works great on the Tiger Muskies
Tiger Jim
Albuquerque, NM
 Favorate for the Tiger Musskie's
Comments: The Tigers seeem to really be attracted to the movement of this lure.
Toothfairy Mafia
Darwin, NT, Australia
 Can't Get any Better Lure
Pros: Fantasic suspending lures
Cons: Needs Stronger Hooks
Best Uses: Barramundi
Comments: Great lure for casting in run off conditions, Australia's Northern Territory. Barra often stalk the lure and when its stationary( Suspending )they will smash it, stays in their strike zone longer. Caught all types of tropical predatory fish on them, everyone needs a few in the tackle bag.
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