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Color: Chrome
Color: Clown
Color: Firetiger
Color: Gold
Color: Purpledescent
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Silver Blue
Color: Shad
Color: Brown Trout
Color: Yellow Perch
Rapala Ultra Light Shad - Firetiger
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Color: Chrome
Color: Clown
Color: Firetiger
Color: Gold
Color: Purpledescent
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Silver Blue
Color: Shad
Color: Brown Trout
Color: Yellow Perch
Rapala Ultra Light Shad - Firetiger

The Rapala Ultra Light Shad, at a mere 1/8 oz., is the smallest, headstrong shad bait Rapala makes. Small in size, but not in features, like a precision internal weight and a classic shad profile, the Ultra Light Shad succeeds where others fail. Running true even at high speeds, the rolling, swimming action combined with the small size is just the ticket when fish aren't aggressively feeding.

Slow-sinking on the pause, these Rapala Ultra Light Shad lures can be more than a fish can handle, coaxing ferocious strikes. The perfect choice for small streams, rivers or into submerged rocks, a no brainer for trout and panfish. The shad profile combined with external scales, 3D holographic eyes and phenomenal finishes allows this mighty mini to be a valuable tool in a wide variety of conditions. Hand-tuned and tank-tested, the Ultra Light Shad swims with legendary Rapala action right out of the box.

Features of the Rapala Ultra Light Shad include:

  • Weighted Body
  • Swimming Lip Design
  • Rolling Action
  • External Scales
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested

Specifications for the Rapala Ultra Light Shad can be seen in the Specifications tab above.

Rapala Ultra Light Shad
Treble Hooks
ULS0411/24-51/8Two No. 10
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Customer Reviews
Comments: Nice lure for panfish great service
Oklahoma del city eagle lake
Pros: Strong Hooks, Good action
Cons: Casting in wind dont do well in.
Comments: So we went out to eagle lake in OK del city today and we were catching nothing on worms so i decided to use the ultra light shad Chrome. Pretty good lure on my 3rd cast out i get a bite and guess what. A carp about 13-14 inches and weighed in at 5 pounds. Also good for catching bass. I caught two of them weighing 5 pounds each. Could have been the same fish.
Virginia Bass Hunter
Novice Angler
 Trout love it
Pros: Good selection of colors, Great casting, Run true
Comments: The ice still covered most of my favorite trout pond, but I found a little clearing and put the ULS to the test. I had the most success with a yo-yo technique (they hit it on the fall) and a stop n go retrieve. I am sure when the weather warms a bit the smaller bass and sunfish will tear up this little lure. Good casting for a small lure. Similar style to rapala countdown.
El Salvador CA
 The best use for Rapala UL Shad
Pros: Very natural color
Best Uses: Ultra Light fishing
Comments: This is a very useful lure in my arsenal.
Desert Southwest
 Great Trout Bait!
Pros: Great Colors, Strong Hooks, Perfect Imitation
Best Uses: Trout & Panfish
Comments: I bought several of these to be used as a late season bait for big fall trout. These have worked well to hook and land many of the holdover rainbows many up to 18"-20". I have caught a few spawning bookies but not many large ones. These baits have the correct size hooks to do the job so I lose very few strikes. These baits in the right colors are dynamite.
SE Colorado
 Nice Size
Pros: Good selection of colors, Size matches small bait
Cons: Weak spot at billbody, Sinks prefer floating, WILL BREAK EASILY
Best Uses: Trolled above weedbeds, Bass crappie walleye
Comments: There doesn't appear to be an internal strength member. Bill will break off of body, resulting in lose of fish. But size is a good match for early season bait fish. Caught walleye to 2.5# trolled above weedbeds in the evening.
 I would recommend this product to anyone
Pros: Good action
Cons: Runs to deepat times
Best Uses: Smallmouth
Comments: The overall lure is great, when trolling it tends to run to deep. you must troll it slowly
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