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Color: Chrome
Color: Clown
Color: Firetiger
Color: Gold
Color: Hot Steel
Color: Pink Clown
Color: Purpledescent
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Shad
Color: Silver Blue
Color: Trout
Color: Yellow Perch
Rapala Ultra Light Minnow Lures - Chrome
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Color: Chrome
Color: Clown
Color: Firetiger
Color: Gold
Color: Hot Steel
Color: Pink Clown
Color: Purpledescent
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Shad
Color: Silver Blue
Color: Trout
Color: Yellow Perch
Rapala Ultra Light Minnow Lures - Chrome

Rapala Ultra Light Minnows


Rapala Ultra Light Minnow Lures feature a weighted body that casts incredibly far for such a small sized bait. The slow sinking design along with a unique lip create an enticing wobbling and rolling action that is sure to drive game fish crazy. These lures are perfect for panfish, bass and trout fishing with ultralight and light gear.

Features of Rapala Ultra Light Minnow Lures include:

  • Weighted Body
  • Unique Lip Design
  • Wobbling, Rolling Action
  • External Scales
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks
  • Hand-Tuned & Tank-Tested

Specifications for Rapala Ultra Light Minnow Lures can be seen in the Specifications tab above.

Rapala Ultra Light Minnow Lures
Treble Hooks
ULM0411/22-31/8Two No. 10
ULM0621/22-31/8Two No. 8
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shallow running bait (2)
Best Uses

Customer Reviews
Pros: shallow running bait, long casting, Price
Comments: Great ultralight lure for bass. The silver blue color is works well in murky waters.
Excellent trout lure,top quality.
Pros: great action, casts well
Best Uses: river trout
Comments: Quality product top to bottom
 Great for crappie
Pros: Great for crappie
Comments: Great for nice size crappie and holds up well. Thanks again to fishusa for great service.
Jim - Bob
 Rapala Ultra Lite Minnow Lures
Pros: good action, shallow running bait
Comments: I have used these Rapala for a lot of years. Nice lure for the money. I use them on the smaller planning boards, for them walleyes in that 3` - 4` foot water depths, with good luck.
 Good little lure
Pros: Looks like minnow, Casts well, Slow sinking, Rapala quality
Cons: Cost
Comments: Used firetiger and caught a couple nice bass while twitching. On the stop, the ulm sinks slowly, so it gives the image of a dying fry. Casts pretty well on 6-8 pound test spinning setup. I used the ulm-6 and believe the ulm-4 is more suited for sunfish, crappie, or trout.
El Salvador
 Rapala ULS silver
Pros: natural color
Best Uses: UL
Comments: This lure have a natural color, therefore is very efective in this region of the ocean in C A
South Florida
Great for trolling
Comments: I troll with this lure. It has NEVER failed me. I catch every time. Bass, stripper's, pike, tolapia, peacock's, big blue gill's and more. Put it this way, I always come home with dinner. It is the best lure in the tackle box. So much so, that I carry 10 of them just in case I lose one somehow.
 Very nice little crank
Pros: Casts or trolls well, Nice colors and detail, Great action
Comments: Mostly troll this lure but its a great cast and retreive bait. The bent lip gives this crank a different kind of action that trigger strikes when others fail.
Ultralight Brian
Columbus, Mississippi
Ultralight Bliss
Comments: It's great to see the better, high quality manufacturers producing ultralight lures. I also fish Pond Minnows (Strike King), SC Shiners (Daiwa), and Bass Pro Shop models. All have thier best uses, and the Rapala does too (the only one that slowly sinks, and I like the new finishes). I've only taken my new pair of Rapala minnows out once, but I caught fish. They cast reasonably well for ultralights and the price is right. If only Rapala would see fit to make ultralight versions of thier new X-Pop and X-Prop lures. I catch more fish on my Hopper Popper (Storm) than any other one ultralight lure.
Springport, Michigan
 great bluegill and bass lure
Pros: Small lightweight, Easy to fish, Catches fish
Comments: I love to use this lure when the bluegill and bass are on there beds. Lure is easy to use, my 11 year old can catch fish with it.
Wally T
Belgrade, MT
 Good looking lure
Comments: Lure looks great can't wait to try them next spring
Derry, New Hampshire
 Great lure, swims perfect, clown color
Pros: Quality lure clown color
Cons: Don't have any cons
Best Uses: Small ponds dawn dusk
Comments: I fish rapala lures all the time, and clown is my favorite all time color. This lure is perfect for small ponds, has great action, and works on any kind of fish. I use it around lily pads, fallen trees, and rock structures. The clown color see ms to work in any condition of water clarity, and light. I really don't have any negitive comments on this lure, it's a quality product. Thanks to Fish USA for fast delivery and quality lures.
Little Jaw Lover
Haverhill, MA
 Fantastic for finess fishing
Pros: Size balance castabilit, Motion
Comments: Great bait in a size perfect for finess fishing. I think that the perch coloration could be greatly improved for a better imitation. For clear waters a realstic perch coloration could make all the differnce. Right now the perch color does not really mimic anything.
Smallie chaser
Mountaintop, PA
 Good addition to my tackle box
Pros: Sharp hooks, Good Visibility, Doesn't run deep
Cons: Little action slow speed
Best Uses: Trout Bass streams
Comments: 2nd cast - 13" rainbow. Light weight makes for quiet presentation, but short casts, especially into winds. Good action with current, but needed faster retrieve for action in slow water.
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