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Rapala CountDown Minnow CD05 Lures
Rapala CountDown Minnow CD05 Lures

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Rapala CountDown Minnow CD05 Lures sink at a rate of 1 foot per second, allowing you to easily and repeatedly fish the targeted depth. Whether the fish are suspended, at the weed tops or holding on bottom structure, the CountDown Minnow can get you to them consistently. When cast or trolled this weighted balsa lure swims with Rapala's signature slow-rolling action. Running true even at high speeds, the rolling, swimming action combined with the small size is just the ticket for when fish aren't aggressively feeding. Slow-sinking on the pause, these lures can be more than a fish can handle, coaxing ferocious strikes.

CountDown Minnow Lures are outfitted with VMC black nickel hooks, and each lure is hand-tuned and tank-tested to swim perfectly right out of the box.

Additional features of these baits include the following:

  • Model CD05 (2")
  • Balsa Construction
  • Ideal for Casting
  • Custom Swimming Action
  • Controlled Depth Sinking Rate
  • Large Size Range
  • VMC Black Nickel Hooks
  • Hand Tuned & Tank Tested

Specifications for CountDown Minnow CD05 Lures are shown in the table below.

SizeBody LengthWeightHook SizeTarget depth
CD052"3/16 oz.Two No. 103-6 ft.

We carry the Rapala CountDown Minnow CD05 Lures in the colors shown in the table below.

BlueBrook TroutBrown Trout
BlueBrook TroutBrown Trout


Fire MinnowFiretigerGold
Fire MinnowFiretigerGold


Green Tiger UVHot Mustard MuddlerOrange Tiger UV
Green Tiger UVHot Mustard MuddlerOrange Tiger UV

PerchPink Tiger UVRainbow Trout
PerchPink Tiger UVRainbow Trout

SilverYellow Perch
SilverYellow Perch

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Customer Reviews
NSW Australia
 Casting Lure
Comments: I have now been fishing the CD05 in the local river and lake systems for the last 22 years,in general for casting. I enjoy the extra distance I obtain from the CD05. I would not use this lure in water shallower than 1.5 meters, because the lure may bump the bottom and this would scare of any predator. Target fish is usually Brown or Rainbow trout. Best fish caught on CD05 weighed in at 5lb 8 oz. If trolling on one of our lakes my preference over the cd range would be the Origanal, for when trolled it acheive simular dephts but has the advantage that once the boat is put into neutral the lures float to the top rather than a slow sink to the bottom
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