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The Quill Gordon imitates the big Epeorus mayflies, common in the eastern United States during March and April. This species hatches in most trout streams, producing some of the best early season dry fly fishing. This fly is tied using a quality hook and materials.

Each package contains 2 flies.

Fly Box Staple (3)
NE Penna; North Jersey
About Me:
Great early season fly pattern, wouldn't fish the first warm spring days without having a few in my fly box.
Pros: Segmented Body Fools Wary Trout, Size 14 most of the time, Replicates in Body shape, size and color common early spring mayflies
Cons: trout caan be finicky about the size.
Best Uses: mid morning - but good pattern late afternoon, TIP: Try trimming the hackle back some and fish it off the bottom!
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