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Pro-Cure Super Gel is now even more effective with the addition of UV enhancement. It's like attaching a light bulb to your lure or bait. The visibility brings fish in to investigate, and the scent gets them to feed. There is no other product on the market that even comes close to performing like Pro-Cure Super Gel. It is made from real bait and enhanced with powerful amino acids in a sticky base that sticks to lures, spoons, spinners, swim baits, soft baits, etc. for an exceptionally long time.

For over 20 years Pro-Cure has catered to the needs of many of the most famous fishing guides, lodges and charter operations in the world for one major reason - Pro-Cure Products consistently catch them more fish where other brands have not. Only Pro-Cure makes their scents from real whole fresh bait, and this makes a huge difference over scents that are formulated chemically in labs. Then they enhance all of their scents with powerful blends of exotic amino acids and bite stimulants to bring you the most effective scents ever offered.

Pro-Cure Super Gel is sold in 2 oz. bottles and comes in a variety of different flavors.

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews
 worked first time
Comments: Applied to a spoon trolling Lake Ontario. Caught a small Chinook within an hour of hitting the water. Still had some gel on the spoon after trolling for several hours.
Trout Man
In the Streams of Northern PA
 Fish Like Flavor
Comments: It seems Fish are picky about what they eat. Pro Cure Gels were recommended to me several years ago. Back then, you had to get them factory direct & pay all the shipping. This stuff does work & I believe it helps catch more fish. I have an arsenal of several scents, some that are not normal stock for Fish USA. I wish they would stock more variety, it would help save on shipping costs.
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