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Pro-Cure Mr. Icehole Gel is made from real whole bait that is supercharged with powerful amino acids that trigger a fish to feed. Plus it is UV enhanced for extra appeal. Pro-Cure Mr. Icehole Gel is 3 years in the making and is a special formula that won't freeze so it is able to be used at all temperatures. It is super sticky so it sticks to jigs, spoons, soft plastics, dead bait & even live bait.

For over 20 years Pro-Cure has catered to the needs of many of the most famous fishing guides, lodges and charter operations in the world for one major reason - Pro-Cure Products consistently catch them more fish where other brands have not. Only Pro-Cure makes their scents from real whole fresh bait, and this makes a huge difference over scents that are formulated chemically in labs. Then they enhance all of their scents with powerful blends of exotic amino acids and bite stimulants to bring you the most effective scents ever offered.

Pro-Cure Mr. Icehole Gel is avaliable in five different scents and comes in a 2 oz. squeeze bottle.

Made in the USA.


Customer Reviews
Delaware county. New york
Avid Angler
Cons: To think and freezes
Comments: The lable say it will not freeze but on a cold morning at -20 it froze solid and i could not use. Product is so thick that it is very hard to get out of container after i thawed it out
Kjell Bagge
Eastern Washington
 Pro-Cure Mr. Icehole Gel Trophy Trout
Comments: I purchased this for ice fishing for Rainbow Trout. I have not notice any better catch numbers since using this over no scent at all and much less numbers when compared to Gulp products.
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