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PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line Moss Green - Bulk Spools is not affected by salt water, UV rays, or most chemicals and solvents. The life of PowerPro line is much longer than monofilament lines (as a rule of thumb, it lasts five times the life of monofilament line). In fact, depending on how much and where you fish, PowerPro could last two to three fishing seasons or longer. With PowerPro, you have more fish in the boat, and less bait lost – you’ll find that you’re actually money ahead.

PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line Moss Green - Bulk Spools are composed of polyethylene, a very slick plastic. In fact, the only material that is slicker than Spectra, is teflon. Spectra, combined with PowerPro's enhanced body technology, makes a rounder and smoother line, which is gentler on rod guides than the older style braids.

PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line Moss Green - Bulk Spools has a specific gravity of 0.98 g/cc – just a hair lighter than water. Unlike heavier nylon and Dacron lines that sink, PowerPro will tend to stay at the surface. This means that you’ll get faster control of your fish after a strike with less belly in the line.

We stock PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line Moss Green - Bulk Spools come in Moss Green. Moss Green is a great low impact color for use when fish are line wary. This line is much thinner than monofilament.

Features of PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line Moss Green - Bulk Spools include:

  • Allows for longer, smoother casts
  • Enhances handling on any reel
  • Superior knot performance
  • Resists burying in the spool
  • Near zero stretch
  • Incredible strength - 10x stronger than steel
  • No reel memory
  • Will not cut guides

PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line Moss Green - Bulk Spools are made in the U.S.A.


PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line Moss Green - Bulk Spools
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Bartow County, Georgia
Power Pro Fishing line
Pros: super strong and durrable, extremely sensitive, No stretch, All pros
Comments: The Power Pro 30lb. fishing line has been the best find for my fishing expedition in Florida ever I have used it fishing for snook using Bomber A- Salt bombers and fair sized jigs 1.25 oz.- 1.75 oz. I fished a lot for the fabled Snook using the Power Pole 30# I was able to fish in tight spaces and bridges fishing around their pylons the line is slick and smooth casting and light weight I was able to cast long distances with just an 1.5 weighted lures. The strength was incredible I had a buddy who fished the line on his set up he and I were fishing this bridge where we have been hearing lathes pops on the water we made a few casts but could quite get it in the right spot she was just out of distance he made a clean cast perfect spot perfect distance three turn a on the reel and he snatches back for the set. After a "to the death" fight they had 30 mins later he was able to keep this lunker 20Lb. snook under control pound for pound a snook is a tough fish! This is just one of a few times my mind has been made up this is a superior line!! The guys for this creation!
Cedar Key, Florida
 PowerPro bulk spool
Pros: Strong, durable
Comments: As a skinny water fisherman on the Gulfcoast of Florida the fish of choice during the winter is the redfish. We fish oyster bars, rock formations, etc in as little as 6" of shallow water. We catch alot of fish but we also get alot of snags which is par for the fishing. The PowerPro 30# is strong enough to allow us to muscle the hook out of trouble and back to fishing. Great product at a great price (for 1500 yards) when you have multiple rigs ready to fish.
Central Illinois
WOW! Best line ever!
Pros: No stretch, extremely sensitive, hard to break off
Best Uses: Fishing, crafts
Comments: This has been the best line I have ever bought. Although it is very expensive, I don't have to re-string every 2 months to relace lost line. So far, I have had the same line on my reel for nearly a year. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone whom asks.
Antioch, Ca.94509
 The fishing line and salmon rods
Pros: All pros
Cons: No cons
Comments: The fish line is great, just what i was looking for. Also the service at your stoe great. Thaks Jerry
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