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Pinnacle Vertex IM7 Noodle Rods give you the sensitivity to detect subtle hits yet have the backbone to subdue powerful fish. All Vertex rods feature quality components such as stainless steel guides and SiC guide inserts, graphite reel seats with stainless steel cushioned hoods and quality cork handles.

Vertex IM7 graphite rod blanks feature a perfect balance of sensitivity, strength and durability. These noodle rods feature a moderate action, perfect for use when targeting small salmon and steelhead with light line and tackle.

Features of Pinnacle Vertex IM7 Noodle Rods include:

  • IM7 graphite rod blanks
  • Stainless steel guides and SiC (Silicon Carbide) guide inserts
  • Quality cork handles with rubber butt caps
  • Graphite reel seats with stainless steel cushioned hoods
  • Hook keeper

Pinnacle Vertex IM7 Noodle Rods
VGT802SN8' 0"2Noodle
4 - 81/16 - 3/86 + Tip
VGT902SN9' 0"2Noodle
4 - 101/16 - 3/87 + Tip
VGT1002N10' 0"2Noodle
4 - 121/16 - 3/88 + Tip
Review Summary
(37 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.91%
Reviewer Profile:  
Great deal on noodle rod (4)
Light but strong (3)
Great bream rod (2)
Great price (2)
Value (2)
Absolutely none (5)
none so far (4)
Best Uses
Float and fly fishing (4)
Crappie bream trout (2)
Panfish walleye SMbass (2)
Easy long casting (2)
casting light lures a good distance (2)

Customer Reviews
mayville , WI
 pinnacle vertex IM7
Comments: this is a great rod ! the warenty on the other hand is a bit to be desired . IF you break it with in the first year you have to pay $15.00 to have it replaced . not really what I call a warenty .
Mr.Bobby Fisher
Wyoming, MI
Avid Angler
Pros: None
Cons: All
Comments: Broke when hooked a fish never in my life have I had a fishing rod do that!!
Mo Fish
Ward, Ar
 Maybe I got a dud?
Pros: value, Great bream rod, flexibility, long distance casting
Cons: Broke at the ferrule
Best Uses: Crappie bream trout, Easy long casting
Comments: I have the 8ft model and I loved the look and flexibility of the rod. In addition, I was able to cast pretty far. However, as I was swinging a small bass upon shore the rod broke right below the ferrule. I had only used it a handful of times up to that point. Maybe I just got a dude but the rod breaking helped put an end to an already dismal Easter weekend of fishing. FishUSA quickly sent me a replacement but I think I am going to put it in the corner for the kids and order another Okuma Celilo. I own several of them and I have had good luck with them. I know Pinnacle makes good products and I am not knocking them. In addition, FishUSA's customer service was impeccable as always. God Bless and good fishing.
Novice Angler
 Great rod
Pros: versitility
Cons: none so far
Best Uses: bluegills to king salmon
Comments: this is the best all around rod I have found
Big O
Lebanon, Mo.
 good rod
Pros: sensitive, nice action
Cons: front handle needs tapered
Best Uses: casting light lures a good distance
Comments: this is a quality rod for the money, the first guide is fairly small yet sufficient
Mayville , Wi
 pinnacle vertex IM7 noodle rod
Pros: Light but strong, Value, Quality Components, balance
Cons: Absolutely none
Best Uses: Panfish walleye SMbass
Comments: I have numerous rod and reel setups for panfish to salmon . I am now replacing them with the IM7 vertex . they are great for battling big gills and crappies on the beds as well as wacky worming for small mouth bass .
 nice rod
Pros: Cheap sale price
Comments: nice rod for the money --I own four
Pittsburgh, PA
 Great buy
Pros: Price is right
Cons: none so far
Comments: Just recently used for trout and some small pond fishing easily handled all the trout I caught and I was able to bring in a 5lb large mouth I will defenitly buy another one
Pros: Great deal on noodle rod
Cons: Absolutely none
Comments: After landing some fish on the 8 footer I give it a 5 out of 5. I still prefer the 9 foot version of this rod because it can cast an 1/64 oz lure a bit further in bigger water. For the price you can't beat either rod.
Pros: Value, Quality Components, balance
Cons: Absolutely none
Comments: Was looking to replace my favorite trout rod the pinnacle TIC902SN. Picked up the VGT902SN just before this season and it was a match. Ordered an 8 footer also!!
Walleye hunter
South Wales, NY
 Great rod
Pros: Light but strong
Comments: Light but strong rod for steelhead fishing.
Big Ben
Eastern Oregon
Pinnacle vertex 9 foot and 8 foot Rods
Pros: Decent Price
Cons: Durability Question
Comments: I have bought four of these rods, 2 9 foot and 2 8 foot. Both 8 foot rods broke just below ferrule on the first trip, fishing for Small mouth Bass. No pressure both with small fish on. The 9 footers are still intact and functioning. Great rods when they hold up but I couldn't give them more than three fish rating. I would buy a couple of more 8 footers if they would hold up. Instead I bought an 8 foot panfish series St. Croix for way to much money. Not used yet, we will see.
Comments: One rod broke at mid shaft twenty minutes in. And the other rod handled six giant king salmon. And is still in one piece.
 Great Rod!
Pros: Great price, Great deal on noodle rod
Comments: Great rod for trolling with leadcore. It's a real treat to use for landlock salmon in Maines Grand Lake Stream Area!
New England
 Fun !
Pros: under 50 bucks and it looks sharp!
Best Uses: creep a worm along the bottom
Comments: Very affordable and fun. Catch a fish on a Noodle Rod !
Pros: NICE
Best Uses: Float and fly fishing, pinancle vertex im7 rod
 10 FT. Pinnacle Noodle Rod
Pros: Great deal on noodle rod
Cons: none so far
Best Uses: Float and fly fishing
Comments: Purchased this rod to fish the lower Niagara river and lakes Erie and Ontario tribs for steelhead and brown trout. So far the rod has perfomed beyond expectation, especially when considering the price. I have found the rod to be well balanced and have the right amount of action to act as a shock absorber when fighting these fish.
Tullahoma, TN
 Fills the bill!
Pros: quality of construction
Cons: small guide, a little too wimpy
Best Uses: casting light lures a good distance
Comments: I have used my new rod on about 5 or so trips. It handled a 3 pound smallmouth with ease. I can cast 1/8 ounce jigs at least 75 feet with it. The quality of the rod is good. The only things I would change would be to put a larger first guide on it and give the blank a little more backbone in the butt section....
South Pasadena, CA.
 Pinnacle Vertex IM7 Noodle Rod (8ft.-6 inches)
Pros: Well constructed rod-at least the one I rec'd
Cons: Absolutely none
Best Uses: mini-jig spin fishing
Comments: This IM7 noodle rod is well built. The upper half of the rod is very flexible, and the lower half of the rod has good backbone. The rod was a very, very good purchase at the sale price of under $30.. The seven guides on my rec'd rod are in prefect alignment. This rod has a hook keeper which many inexpensive spinning rods do not have. The first guide on the lower section of the rod is somewhat small in diameter; however, this should not prove to be a problem in deminishing the rod's casting capabilities, since the first guide is about 27 inches from bail's line pickup roller guide of my older Shimano Stradic 2000 spinning reel. This rod would seem to hold a lot of promise in being able to toss out mini-jigs as light as 1/32 oz. I plan to do side by side testing of this rod against my previous favorite 7 ft.- 6 inch , 2 piece, mini-jig spinning rod. In my upcoming tests will be using the same reel and same weight mini-jigs on each of the two rods. At this time, I think the Pinnacle rod will be able to cast out small mini-jigs as well as my previous favorite mini-jig spinning rod, and maybe even toss out the mini-jigs farther out.
Patton Pa.
 Excellent rod
Comments: Used the 8ft. rod casting from shore at lake Erie. I caught several steehead up to 7 lbs. I had no problems landing them on 6lb. test. Lots of fun.
 10Foot IM7 Pinnacle noodle rod
Pros: Value, Quality Components, balance
Cons: none so far
Best Uses: Float and fly fishing
Comments: I just recently purchased the rod for the upcoming steelheading season. I have not used the rod yet to give a thorough evaluation. Next year after the season is over I should have a better idea of its performance. This review therefore is strictly on the basis of fit and finish of the rod. The price and quality of the components so far is excellent.
Milwaukee, WI
 Excellent rod
Pros: Light Weight, Strong, Great price, Versitle
Cons: Absolutely none
Best Uses: Salmon fishing
Comments: Great for salmon because of the rod strength on their long powerful runs.
Geneva Convention
Geneva, Ohio
 Good Great Lakes rod
Pros: Well Constructed Rod, Large Cork Grips, Gentle Guides
Comments: This rod has proved itself to be an asset for drift fishing on small Lake Erie streams. Great value and construction.
 good rod for the price
Comments: Didn't break with a 20lb Coho on the line. The line broke, dam rocks
Oceanside, Cal
Nice perching stick for the surf
Pros: Well built, Light, Attractive, Good tip action
Best Uses: Light Surf Fishing
Comments: I use this rod for Barred Surf Perch in So Cal. Really love the action. Super light. Can cast all day with plastic grubs on a carolina rig with no wrist fatigue. The winter Perch here carry some size but this noodle rod is up to the task.
litte rock arkansas
 great rod for the money
Pros: Lite weight
Cons: None so far
Comments: great rod for all around fishing from bream to catfish,i use for crappie-bream-catfish-waleye-trout and just about anything else.own at least 20 and its about the only rod i use.
carson, ca
 FishUSA #1 -great product, fast shipping
Comments: Great for surf fishing the lil guys
rootbeer eddie
indian rocks beach florida
 fishing shock absorber
Pros: Casting distance wow, Detects tiny bites, Controls big fish
Best Uses: Easy long casting, Fishing off beach, Able to set light drag, Great jigging pole
Comments: i live west coast florida and fish on beach catching flounder pompano etc. im able to cast to second sand bar easily and the rod literaly does the work. after a hook up it truly acts like a shock absorber and keeps tight line on the fiestiest beach fish.thanks and good fishing.oh and my friend just bought one.
jacksonville ar
 great fishing rod
Pros: Light but strong
Best Uses: Panfish-trout
Comments: these rods are lite but have backbone,they work well on small fish and if you do hook a big fish it will handle it too.just a good all around rod!!!!!!!!!!
Northeast Indiana
 I now own three!
Comments: I have already caught 7 different species of fish on them including a walleye! Fits my style of fishing!
Excellent rods !!!
Best Uses: Panfish walleye SMbass
Comments: 8' is excellent for panfish. The length gives you the ability to cast farther and reach the fish others can't. The rod had good backbone, yet plenty of play in the tip. I just ordered 3 more for my friends who keep borrowing mine.
jacksonville ar
 great crappie rod
Pros: Any freash water fish, Great bream rod, Great crappie rod
Best Uses: Crappie bream trout
Comments: i love to crappie fish with these rods, own 8' 9' and 10'rods. they can handle about any fresh water fish but are very sensitive,you can feel very lite bites and have enough backbone to get one out.
jacksonville ar
i would buy these rods again
Pros: Great lite weight rod
Best Uses: Crappie
Comments: great lite weight rod with backbone
 awsome rod at awesome price!!!!
Pros: Nice rod at great price
Best Uses: Steelhead, Panfish
Comments: this rod will come in handy for the spring panfish, walleye and trout season, great sensitivity and great feel!!!
 I know this happens, but.......
Comments: This pole split (fractured) the first time I used it. I know it has a warranty, however I misplaced the card that came with it.So lets see how customer service is.So untill then ,I really have no recommendations on this pole.
wiggle wart
lex. ky
 great for float and fly
Pros: Great deal on noodle rod
Best Uses: Float and fly fishing
Comments: if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a noodle rod these are great at an economical price been using them for couple of years
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