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Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Micro Casting Rods

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Item #: F12064021

Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Micro Casting Rods take the DHC5 rod series that’s already regarded as best in class, adds premier Fuji Alconite Micro Guides, and adjusts the actions to maximize the advantage for every technique known to bass fishing. These rod are simply the lightest, sweetest-casting, best-balanced sticks you’ve ever fished. DHC5 Casting rods have been upgraded to provide enhanced castability with new featherweight Alconite K-Series tangle-free guides from Fuji. The contoured frames and extra-thin rings make fishing with braid and limp monofilament virtually trouble-free.

Perfecta DHC5 Micro Casting Rods are available in seven technique-specific models to cover everything from finesse tactics to combat situations, with power and sensitivity ratings that literally fly off the chart.

Features of Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Micro Casting Rods include:

  • Lightweight, yet super strong Double Helical Blank Construction
  • Fuji Alconite Micro sized concept guides
  • Fuji ACS reel seat with matte silver hood
  • Slit-grip with super AAA grade cork handle
  • Perfectly balanced and hand crafted
  • Two-part, slow-curing epoxy finish
  • Machined aluminum winding checks
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

Pinnacle Perfecta DHC5 Micro Casting Rods
DHC5M-681CAM6' 8"1Medium8 - 141/4 - 5/8
DHC5M-701CAH7' 0"1Heavy12 - 253/8 - 11/4
DHC5M-731CAMH7' 3"1Med. Heavy12 - 253/8 - 11/4
DHC5M-761CAMHFS7' 6"1Med. Heavy12 - 251/4 - 1
DHC5M-781CAMHCB7' 8"1Med. Heavy14 - 203/8 - 1
DHC5M-7111CAMHCB7' 11"1Med. Heavy10 - 143/8 - 3/4
DHC5M-7111CAHSB7' 11"1Heavy14 - 301/2 - 3
Specific Rod Details

DHC5M-681CAM - Top Water, Popper, Tubes, Grubs - Optimizes the enticing surface action of poppers and other top-water lures. Medium-heavy action and fast taper is also great for working tubes and grubs.

DHC5M-701CAH - Spinnerbait, Frog, Casting Worm, Casting Jig, Buzzbait - Just the ticket for spinnerbait/buzzbait fishing, frogging, and casting larger worms/jigs. Provides plenty of backbone without sacrificing sensitivity.

DHC5M-731CAMH - Carolina Rig - Sensitive yet powerful, lets you “feel” bottom contour, structure and subtle bites. Fast taper tip portion quickly turns to backbone for solid hook-sets and moving big bass.

DHC5M-761CAMHFS - Light Flipping/Pitching, Big Worm, Casting Jigs, Frog - The additional length and moderate-fast taper make this medium-heavy rod ideal for light flipping/pitching duties and casting larger worms, jigs and frogs.

DHC5M-781CAMHCB - Cranking - Medium-heavy action, moderate taper and the right combination of backbone and flexibility makes this an exceptional rod for working larger crankbaits.

DHC5M-7111CAMHCB - Cranking - Designed for anglers preferring a little added length and flexibility in a medium-heavy action cranking rod. Ideal for 3/8 to 3/4 ounce crankbaits.

DHC5M-7111CAHSB - Heavy Flipping/Pitching, Frog, Big Swim Bait - Supplies the length and power you need for flipping/pitching or working frogs around “slop” or heavy cover. Makes a great swim bait rod, too.

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