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Designed to handle todays superlines, the Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reels are a new way of thinking about traditional spinning reels. Whether an angler decides to use monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided lines, the Arbor’s "large arbor" design is perfectly suited to the unique demands that these lines place on a reel. The "large arbor" design advantage is the combination of the larger spool diameter and the short oscillation stroke. Both of these factors combine for great line management and casting characteristics. The larger spool diameter also means that the line has less wraps around the arbor for a given distance when compared to traditional spinning reels, which allows less coils and a lot less line twist.

Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reels use a hybrid aluminium body system, which combines an aluminium frame and sideplate with a graphite rotor. This design eliminates flex and creates a lightweight yet rigid reel overall. These reels also feature carbon fiber drag systems for top end performance, even under heavy loads with hard charging fish. Seven stainless steel ball bearings and one instant anti-reverse bearing give the Arbor Spinning Reels a smooth feel with instant hook set capabilities.

Features of the Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reels include:

  • Large arbor spool design (braid ready)
  • One-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing
  • Lightweight aluminum body
  • Durable graphite rotor
  • Double anodized machined aluminum spool with porting
  • Sure-Click bail
  • Machined aluminum handle with soft touch knob
  • Sealed carbon fiber drag system
  • Spare aluminum spool
  • Solid aluminum bail wire
Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel
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Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (11)
Easy Casting (14)
Smooth Drag System (14)
Smooth Reeling (12)
Line Doesn't Tangle (11)
Reliable (9)
There are no cons (2)
Best Uses
Shore Casting (9)
River Fishing (7)
Jigging (4)
Bass Fishing (2)
All uses of spinning reel (2)

Customer Reviews
Huntsville, Alabama
Must have.
Pros: Smooth
Comments: Bought this reel on sale, but will definitely buy another one at regular price now that I know how well they work.
Laguna Woods CA
Best reel for the $ anywhere for any fish
Pros: Durable, Smooth, Easy Casting, Reliable, Smooth Drag System, Saltwater resistant, Line Doesn't Tangle
Cons: There are no cons
Comments: I'm the happy owner of 5 of these beautiful reels, two 7450's, one 7440, one 7435, and one 7430, all purchased from Fish USA for the best price to be found anywhere. All models are extremely smooth and powerful for their size, the finish and construction are first class in every aspect. The only negative to be noted is with the 7430 model. As a few others have experienced with braided line (in my case Power Pro 8lb line) when spooled to 90% capacity and retrieving with little no resistance against the line it will fall onto the skirt of the spool instead of where it should. However, I have found a fix for that, by applying a product called "Real magic" made by the Blackmore Company (it makes the line a lot limper and allows it to spool correctly). I'm hoping Fish USA will carry this product in the future as I prefer to make all my purchases with Fish USA when I can. The short story is all the Arbor reels are IMHO the best you can fish with regardless of cost.
Comments: Hi I am very happy of my purchase that spinning reel it is so smouth and fast thank again GUY
 Wonderful Crappie reel
Comments: The Pfleuger Arbor reel is excellent for crappie fishing. Fish USA has lightening delivery, great prices, and smooth transaction.
United States
 7450X Big Boy
Comments: The salmon killer has arrived with the 4.3:1 retrieve the kings are not getting away, wear 'em down and haul them in. Is thee best real I have had for Salmon surf fishin. They just can't get away. Smooth country mile casting. Totally pleased.
Erie PA
 Great Buy
Pros: As described above
Cons: none to speak of
Best Uses: All uses of spinning reel
Comments: I bought one of these reels to try out. Needed to upgrade my fishing gear . Loved it right out of the box. Great feel and smooth drag system and the large arbor spool allows longer casts and no tangles. I liked it so much I bought another one the very next day. This was last year , I now have 4 of them . Im very pleased with the reel and it comes with a second spool as back up. No regrets and FishUSA's shipping service was fast and easy.
El Relampago
Charleston, Mississippi
 I love this reel.
Pros: Smooth Drag System, Smooth, Easy Casting, Light
Best Uses: Bass Fishing
Comments: I have used my faithful Daiwas for a gaboodle of years, but they finally started to wear out. This reel is the best I have ever tried. And, the reviews on site helped a bunch.
 Great bang for the buck
Pros: Durable, Smooth Drag System, Smooth Reeling, Easy Casting
Best Uses: Jigging, Trolling, River Fishing
Comments: I use on a steelhead rod. Smooth long cast, great drag. Only problem I found would be GREAT PRODUCT low price
 Great drag, real smooth
Pros: Easy Casting, Line Doesn't Tangle, Reliable, Smooth Reeling, Smooth Drag System
Best Uses: Shore Casting, River Fishing
Comments: Very smooth, great drag and line capacity. Glad to see the revival of the large diameter spool. Will be putting it to the test on NY's salmon and steelhead very soon.
Billy Bass
Central NJ
 Great spinning reel so far.
Pros: Line Doesn't Tangle, Smooth Reeling, Smooth Drag System, Easy Casting
Best Uses: All uses of spinning reel
Comments: I fish almost daily and bass tournaments. This reel has a smooth drag and reels very smooth also. Balanced nice on the rod. The rod is an Abu Garcia Veritas. I've only had it for two months so I can't say anything about durability. But it so far well worth the price, which by the way was also very good.
SoCal Beaches
SoCal Light Tackle Surf Fishing
Pros: Durable, Smooth Reeling, Easy Casting, Reliable, Saltwater resistant, Smooth Drag System, Line Doesn't Tangle
Best Uses: Light Tackle Surf Fishing, Shore Casting
Comments: I was attracted to this reel because of the large arbor.I matched the 7430 with a 8'6" JDM Eging Rod (Japanese style squid fishing rod). This rod has the newer small diameter low profile guides. Even though the stripper guide is half the diameter of the reel arbor I had no problems whatsoever tossing 1/4 -3/4 oz. lead with 8 lb mono or fluoro line. Line slap? What line slap? This flies in the face of conventional wisdom that the stripper guide should be close to the same diameter as the diameter of the arbor. In fact I was casting a bit farther than some of the other guys on the beach with a helluva lot more accuracy. Eleven barred surf perch an hour and half before high tide is proof that this reel/rod setup iz da bomb! I only stopped fishing because I too cold and hungry to continue.
mineral wells wv
 I would buy this product again
Pros: Smooth Drag System, Reliable, Line Doesn't Tangle, Durable, Easy Casting, Smooth Reeling
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: never been disappointed with Pflueger product
Staten Island, NY
Good reel so far
Pros: Line Doesn't Tangle, Easy Casting, Smooth Drag System, Smooth Reeling
Best Uses: Jigging, Shore Casting
Comments: Just used this reel for a long weekend of largemouth fishing. Improved casting distance over my Pfleuger President was able to accurately cast long distances and get to the fish. Looking forward to many good outings with this reel.
Fisherman hooked
Rothesay, NB, Canada
 Excellent reel
Pros: Smooth Reeling, Smooth Drag System, Easy Casting
Best Uses: River Fishing, Shore Casting
Comments: Good line capacity with all the other good features.
Schertz, TX.
 Super Product
Pros: Durable, Smooth Drag System, Reliable, Line Doesn't Tangle, Easy Casting, Smooth Reeling
Best Uses: Coastal fishing Redfish, Shore Casting, River Fishing
Comments: Very smooth casting and Drag, caught and released over 100 Redfish and Spec Trout on 1st Weekend of use. A real homerun. Murray Denton
Jig Man
Erie, Pa
Best Arbor Reel on the Market, Pflueger
Pros: Durable, Line Doesn't Tangle, Easy Casting, Smooth Reeling, Reliable, Smooth Drag System
Cons: There are no cons
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Jigging
Comments: I purchased one 7430X to start, after using it for a month on my UL outfit and landing two 30+ lb carp and one 36" northern I fell in love with it. I originally bought it to increase my casting distance from shore which it has,but I have to say my new love is how smooth the drag is.I have already purchased two 7440X'S and love them for the same reasons.One is on a 9'rod, and I can without a doubt out distance all the guys from shore. Before long all my spinning rods will have one or the other of these mounted to them. Pflueger keep up the good work!
Ocala, FL
Professional Angler
 Pflueger Got This a Big Way!
Pros: Line Doesn't Tangle, Smooth Reeling, Smooth Drag System, Weight-to-Spool DiaRatio, Reliable, Easy Casting, Durable
Best Uses: Crankbaits, Frogs, Buzzbaits, Drop-shotting, Shore Casting, Bass Fishing, Finnesse Baits
Comments: Where do I begin? I use spinning gear a lot for bass fishing. I discovered some time ago that large diameter, short-height spools are the answer to trouble-free use of braided lines on spinning reels. Of the several on the market today, I found the Pflueger 7440 not only to be the best quality, but most reasonably priced! I fish for big bass in heavy cover here in Florida, and this reel takes the strain better than the others. The drag is CONSISTENTLY smooth throughout its entire range with no grabbing, and without that weird jump in tension when adjusting toward its tightest setting. Almost no body flex under heavy loads (a problem with those other brands). Good cranking power. Light as a feather--cast all day fatigue-free. The 2.32" dia. spool is wide enough to aid distance casting (casts further than the 2.5" dia. spooled reel I was using before), but not so wide as to cause undue friction against the first line guide (which has to gather the line to be shot through the rest of the guides), or causing line slap against the rod blank between the reel and the first guide. Is rated for 20lb braid, but could easily handle 50-65lb (I use 30-40lb). Line coming off spool doesn't pull additional loops off with it as is common with traditional narrow "long-cast" spools. Certainly a superior choice for flourocarbon or heavier monos on spinning gear. Fish with this for a full day, and you'll fall in love too. Oh...did I mention that FishUSA was the ONLY vendor out of six others (including the big names AND the mfr!) who actually took the time to measure the spool diameter for me before I purchased it? [...]
hot rods
lake huron
 i liked so well i bought another one
Pros: Smooth Reeling, Easy Casting, Reliable, Line Doesn't Tangle, Smooth Drag System, Durable
Best Uses: Shore Casting, River Fishing
Comments: easy to use and dependable. a great river rod
Naperville IL
Just One Great Reel
Pros: Reliable, Easy Casting, Line Doesn't Tangle, Smooth Reeling, Durable, Smooth Drag System
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Jigging, River Fishing
Comments: I paired this reel with a long spinning rod to give me a combo that would cast as far as possible from shore. This reel allows line to come off the spool very easily, and the large arbor means fewer coils in the line to "slap" against the guides during the cast. The result is a long, smooth cast. I use it all day long shorecasting from Lake Michigan piers and it provides effortless casting performance.
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