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P-Line Floroclear Fluorocarbon Coated Line combines copolymer and fluorocarbon technologies to deliver a line that has the most desirable features for the serious angler. With a refractive index close to that of water, Floroclear virtually disappears once it enters the water. Floroclear's low water absorption gives the line greater casting distance, durability, and knot strength.

Floroclear Fluorocarbon Coated Line has a diameter that is up to 30% smaller than other lines with similar rated pound test. This soft, supple line fishes like a dream on spinning gear with no tangles, loops, or frustration. You can make long accurate casts with your baitcasting gear as well. Try P-line Floroclear Line when you're looking for a stealthy presentation.


P-Line Floroclear Fluorocarbon Coated Line
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Customer Reviews
san diego
the best for surf fishing
Best Uses: surf fishing
Comments: one of the best for the price
New England
My Favorite Line!
Pros: Flexible, Little Memory, Strong, Reliable Knots, Neutral Buoyancy
Cons: Can't think of any
Comments: Love this line! It casts well, lays on the water flat, sinks slowly once it gets wet, not too much stretch, and it's strong. Using it on a vintage Garcia reel, and it is absolutely trouble free. No problem with knots either (using uniknots anyway). FWIW, I'm using 15lb for now, maybe switching to 12 due to it's strength.
salmon slayer
syracuse, ny
Avid Angler
 Good price BUT breaks very easily
Pros: price, hard for fish to see
Cons: brittle, knicks easily, have to retie often
Comments: I bought this in the 12# and 15# to make leaders for Brown Trout trolling. So far in a few outings ive had 2 break offs (on loose drags). And after each trip, every leader out of 6 rods needs to be changed out because of the knicks/chaffing the line has absorbed. It is junk!
Avid Angler
 Great line
Pros: Thin diameter
Comments: I really like this line. Nearly invisible. Out fished my buddy 3 to 1
Old Tireman
Greensburg, PA
Advanced Angler
I catch more fish.
Pros: Excellent castability, Clear Strong, Invisible, Very little memory
Comments: I made the switch this summer from Trilene XL and haven't looked back. I first became aware of it last spring right after the PA trout opener. A guy can into the local shop for more wax worms. Seems he was out-catching his buddies by 2-1 in the local stream and the only difference between their gear and bait was his P-Clear line. I use 4#, mostly drifting small live baits and small plastics under a Trout Magnet float and have had awesome success. It's on all my reels.
Kid Cleveland
 Great line must have !!!
Pros: Strong, castable, great feel
Cons: nicks easy
Best Uses: all freshwater
Comments: I used P-Line Floroclear for about 4 years and It has not failed me yet caught 10lbs walleyes on 6 lbs would tell everyone to try in, you will like it.
Great line, must have
Pros: Clear Strong, Durable, Invisible
Cons: Hard to manipulate to tie knots, but not impossible, hard to see to tie. LOL doing it's job
Best Uses: I use it as a leader to my Berkely Fireline
Comments: This flourocarbon is a lot more flexible than any other I have ever used. I use it for leaders in the 6 lb. test for ice fishing, and the 10 lb. test for casting for smaller gamefish. Walleye, bass, and the like. I use a heavier flourocarbon leader material for toothy Pike, and Musky. This line turns invisible in the water. Priceless.
southern oregon
 P-line is the best
Comments: would not use anything else but p-line
Grady Traver
Keweenaw Peninsula
 Good for Steelhead Leader
Pros: Clear Strong
Best Uses: Steelhead
Comments: I use this for steelhead leader. Good line, like most other leaders, the failure is usually in the knots.
Larry Knot @ work.
 I would buy this very good product again
Comments: I can use it in salt water & also in the lake!
Capt'n Ron
San Jose, Ca
 P-Line Floroclear line
Pros: Very little memory
Best Uses: big trout
Comments: Most florocarbons are stiff and have memory, both not very adventageous if you are using spinning gear. This line has an added copolymer that adds flexibility, knot strength and reduced memory. So, it is one of the most "castable" of the lines that profess to have the same reflectivity as water. Capt'n Ron
Erie, Pa
Pros: Made the difference
Best Uses: Steelhead fishing
Comments: I switched from monofilament line to the florline. I filled my spinning reel with all this line and eliminated the task of tying leaders on. What a difference. I started getting more hits and this line is super strong that I haven't had a break yet while fighting those mighty steelhead fish.
Oil city, Pa
 great line will buy again
Comments: used this line for steelhead fishing. Caught more fish with this line, less breakoffs. The invisibility of this line is great.
berkeley, CA
 Great Product
Comments: Very high quality line. Here is a tip for loading a spinning reel with new line. After filling the reel, pull out about 200 feet on a park lawn or beach, and set the end down. Then reel it all back in while pinching just beyond the reel. This allows the line to untwist as it comes back in. Otherwise, you are going to get bird nests as you cast.
chicago, il
flerocarbon line difference
Pros: Good Value, Durable, High Quality
Cons: Expensive
Best Uses: Fishin fun
Comments: i use fluro line to fish for bass. it works great with a spider jig and a purple gulp bait.. it casts well and it definitely gives me an advantage.. i feel strongly about the line and i primarily use this on all of my reels.
Best Fishing Line!
Pros: Good Value, Durable, High Quality
Comments: Highly recommended. One of the best in the market. I used the Maxima before and found this line to be the best and stay soft!
New Hampshire
 Great line!
Pros: Good Value, Durable, Minimal line twist, High Quality
Comments: Much nicer line that even premium monofilament.
 Sweet line!!!!!!
Pros: Good Value, Durable, High Quality
Comments: P-line is the BEST line for the money that I have ever used!Good casting,soft, no memory!!!!! Try it, you'll like it!!!!!!!
south salem, ny
 P-Line Floroclear
Pros: Good tough line, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh water clear water
Comments: worked well on the Delaware River in low, clean water for trout and walleye
Riegelsville PA
 The best mono fishing line I've used!
Pros: Stealthy, Durable, Good Value, High Quality
Best Uses: Main line
Comments: This is the best main line mono I've used. I fish exstensively for Salmon in both Lake Ontario and it's tributaries. This line is strong and invisible. The spawning runs are particularly hard on line but this stuff really holds up well. Great for Walleyes also. My fishing buddies have all swithed to P-Line Floroclear after seeing how well it worked for me. They all swear by it now. I use it on level-wind and spinning reels equally well.
Pros: Good Value, High Quality
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