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P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Leader Material features a refractive index that makes it virtually invisible once it enters the water. The most obvious advantage of CFX Fluorocarbon is a more natural presentation to the fish. With its high abrasion resistance, low stretch factor, and built in UV protectors, it's no wonder that when CFX was introduced, the American Sportfishing Association awarded P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon the "Best New Line Introducion of the Year" award. If you fish areas with line shy fish, due to heavy fishing pressure or clear water conditions, using CFX Fluorocarbon can make the difference. This could be the most important tool you add to your tackle arsenal.

We stock P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Leader Material in 27 yd. (25 meter) spools. Color is clear.


P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon Leader Material
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Spool Length
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Strong (5)
Abrasion resistant (3)
Good strength (3)
Good knot strength (2)
Strength (2)
Hard to break off snags (2)
Best Uses
Steelhead (2)

Customer Reviews
western washington
Pros: Strong, tough and reliable, Abrasion resistant, Very low vis, No stretch, good all around leader
Cons: nothing that stands out
Best Uses: clear water, Steelhead, salmon
Comments: i had trouble with the 8lb but it couldve been a bad spool and/or my knots at the time. other than that, ive never broken off a fish ... and ive caught a lot of steelhead and salmon in the 10-30 lb range. its surprisingly tough as nails, 10# and up, but im sure the smaller test lines are fine too i just had trouble with the 8# i had. the great thing about fluorocarbon is being able to use a higher test and get away with it, due to its low diameter and great invisibility under water. i could trust the 12# to haul in 15+lb steelhead, and the 15# to haul in 20+lb king salmon. its cheaper than most fluorocarbons in the "top shelf area", making it a great value and a good, dependable leader for your arsenal and tackle box.
 great stuff
Comments: great leader material...strong, great abrasion resistant
Pros: Strength
Comments: I've been using this leader for tying crawler harnesses for 10 yrs and hasn't let me down yet.
 an excellent Flouro leader.
Pros: excellent leader material
Comments: This leader is extremely strong and abrasive resistant. It is also more affordable than the leading name brand. I get more hook ups of steelhead using this product in clear water.
 P-Line CFX Fluorocarbon leader
Pros: tough and reliable
Comments: Excellent leader material. Strong and durable. I fish for steelhead and this leader material handles steelhead easily.
 Big fan of P-Line
Pros: Abrasion resistant, Good knot strength, Good strength
Cons: Hard to break off snags
Comments: Strong leader material, very abrasion resistant. I have used P-line products in the past with success, so this comes as no surprise. I fish this for trout/steelhead in Lake Ontario tribs with good luck, it hold up to stong bursts by these fish, and knots seem to hold well
Perry NY
 Best used with double clinch
Pros: Strong
Cons: Knot sensitive
Comments: Typically use a double reverse clinch with floor, however this leader did not like that knot, seems to be exceptionally strong with a regular double clinch
Detroit area
 Prompt delivery provided exactly what I needed
Pros: Good strength
Comments: I have used this product for all my leaders for salmon fishing and love it. Good abrasion resistance. Order was received promptly and correct.
 High quality
Comments: Another great product fron p-line
Forks wa
Great product
Pros: Reliable, Strong
Cons: Need a bigger spool
Comments: This is a great product. It has increased my hookup rate tremendously for finicky summer steelhead in low clear water conditions. My only gripe would be i wished they sold a bigger spool of it.
Great Lakes pinner
Iron River, WI
Pros: No stretch, Strong, Thin
Comments: Great leader material for centerpin. Very strong. I have the 10lb and it actually cut my finger while I was tugging on it trying to free a fly.
Akron Ohio
 Pline florcarbon tippet
Comments: I have used P-Line for many years. A good quality product that works well day in and day out.
albany, ny
 Best Leader for the money
Pros: No fancy knots needed, Easy to use spool, Good strength
Comments: I've tried several different brands for leader material for steelheading. This holds up better than seagar, Its cheaper, is much better in the cold and holds a traditional clinch knot better than any other flourocarbon leader material I've used. Its seems to be stronger. I like the 8lb for all round use.
Northern, Michigan
 Best leader material ever
Pros: Low diameter, Super strong, Very low vis
Best Uses: Expensive
Comments: I use CFX 6lb for steelhead and browns and 8lb for salmon. I actually have hooks and swivels fail more frequently than the leader line. B/c of the small diameter and very low vis, I have more confidence and get plenty of hookups. Totally worth the extra money.
Fly Guy
Beaverton, OR
 Florocarbon is Fabulous
Comments: I used the same leader all day and had many hook ups. It never broke I have to change 6X tippet after three fish. I put some pressure on it and it held up well.
Cleveland, OH
 One of the best fluorcarbon lines on the
Comments: This is one o the best fluorcarbon (tippet/leader) lines on the market. I am using it for steelhead fishing (fly and float) in 10, 8, and 6 lb. Price is excellent too.
matt the tyer
cleveland, oh
 Best Floro
Comments: great for clear water situations in great lakes tribs
Aurora, OH
 P-line CFX Fluorocarbon
Pros: Strength
Cons: Suppleness, Line diameter
Best Uses: Fish not line shy, Strong fish
Comments: Use this for Kings swinging large streamers and heavy stones
Pittsburgh, Pa
 Only tippet to use for steel
Pros: Extremely strong and thin, Minimal break offs
Cons: Hard to break off snags
Comments: Its the only tippet I use for steelhead, can't be beat
 Worth the Price
Pros: All around great line, Strong, Invisable
Cons: Expensive
Best Uses: Leader for fly line, Leader for centerpin
Comments: I use 6lbs for steelhead and 8lbs for Salmon. I have broken more hooks than leaders with this line.
penn yan NY
 P Line CFX
Pros: Abrasion resistant, Good knot strength, Thin diameter
Best Uses: Trout, Steelhead
Comments: P Line flourocarbon is a high quality, invisible line leader material that enables the angler to catch more trout
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