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Ozark Turkey Tail Feathers

The Ozark Turkey Tail Feathers are available in two different colors. The Cinnamon Tip feathers are great for wing cases on stone flies and other nymphs as well as Muddler Minnows. The Iridescent Natural feathers work great for tails, legs and wing cases on nymphs. These feature beautiful iridescence with a bronze flash. The Ozark Turkey Tail Feathers feature beautiful natural markings, making them a great choice for a wide variety of fly patterns.

The Ozark Turkey Tail Feathers are available in the colors shown below.

Cinnamon Tip Iridescent Natural
Cinnamon TipIridescent Natural

The Cinnamon Tip feathers contain two full tail feathers per package. These feathers measure approximately 11" in length. The Iridescent Natural feathers contain six feathers per package, these are smaller feathers from the base of the tail. These feathers measure approximately 8" in length.

To order, please select a color from the list above.

Customer Reviews
 Great for wing casing
Pros: inexpensive, Good quality
Comments: Feather aren't broken and are in very nice condition
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