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The Sheffield DRII Centerpin Disk Drag Reel features the precision smoothness centerpin's are known for with the fish stopping power of a center disk drag. When a fish runs you won't be at the mercy of a simple clicker and an over run spool. Set the drag, turn the ratchet knob to the on position, cast and drift like a standard centerpin reel, then when a fish is hooked, turn the ratchet knob to the off position. The outgoing drag and retrieve is silent.

Features of the Sheffield DRII Centerpin Disk Drag Reel include:

  • Black frame with red spool
  • Precision CNC machined aluminum frame and spool
  • Revolutionary centerpin drag
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Two german precision HPB stainless steel ball bearings
  • Ported spool with exposed rim for easy control
  • On-off ratchet
  • Twin removable handles
  • Left or right hand convertible
  • Silent retrieve
Okuma Sheffield DRII Centerpin Disk Drag Reel
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Customer Reviews
Pros: Smooth drag
Cons: Non yet
Best Uses: Float fishing big water/ steelhead
Comments: I had the 1st gen okuma Sheffield, loved it. Bought the dr2 when it first came out. No big differences between these two, just the dr2 looks better lol. Great "hero" long drifts. i Palm everything for the most part, but engage the drag when I'm into something heavy. The drag is a great thing to have, and is worth it's weight in gold when you think you may want to put a certain fish on the wall. Great product. I've fished almost every kind of pin available, and the dr2 is affordable and ranks very high in durability and quality.
Comments: Reel makes a ticking noise, not sure if that normal
Advanced Angler
Pros: smooth drag, THE DRAG!, drag switch easy to access and move
Comments: Had a KING PIN didn't like clicker know design or how it performed way to hard to engage and way to loud loud. Okuma much better plus the drag works flawless. I would not own another pin reel without a drag. Drag performs top notch. Love this reel
Ewing, N.J.
 Sheffield center pin Okuma
Pros: smooth drag
Comments: Well balanced smooth center pin and drag system, great looks as well
 Great product overall
Comments: I like the reel. I used to loose every other steelhead. My landing ratio has increased by 70% since I started using it.
 Very Smooth
Comments: The reel spins nice. The drag seems smooth, but I haven't used it on a fish yet. I'm new to a center pin. I usually use a fly rod for steelhead, but I wanted to be able to fish some water more effectively so I thought I would give it a try. My only complaint so far is that the spool is a little hard to palm with the handles mounted so close to the edge. I especially noticed it while wearing gloves. After a little experimenting I think I found a way to maintain resistance until I can engage the drag. Oh, and while I would not call the color "red" it isn't pink either.
 DRII Reel is what I have been missing
Pros: super smooth, Sensitive Drag
Cons: None yet
Best Uses: steelhead
Comments: I recently purchased this reel to place on an 11' St. Croix Avid Center Pin rod. I have used the reel on three fishing trips so far and have caught steelhead, brown trout, and even lake trout (fishing at the mouth of a river flowing into Lake Michigan). This reel is absolutely wonderful. Prior to using this reel, I lost more fish than I landed but since I started using this reel, I have landed virtually every fish I have hooked. The drag is smooth and has added an excellent capability to already effective method of catching fish. I have often opted to use a fly rod or spinning rod instead of my center pin in the past but now that I have a reel with a drag and it has proven itself to me, I will fish my center pin almost exclusively thoughout the winter. Great reel; I don't regret this purchase at all. SIDE NOTE: The images of this reel lead you to believe that the spool is more of a pink color. However, after opening the box, I can tell you that the spool is red, not pink. I had a hard time deciding whether or not to purchase this reel because I was worried the spool was pink... not really with a guy wants to be on the river with... But the spool is red, not pink.
Dexter, NY
 Lovin the pin with the drag!
Cons: None yet
Best Uses: super long floats down the black river, salmon and sandy creek
Comments: Awesome reel. Super smooth, cast awesome, perfectly balanced and its a sexy looking reel. I combod the reel with sheffields 13'4" rod. Great setup. My fish catching rate just quadrupled to say the least since i started pinning. And having the drag ensures that catch rate. float drops, hookset, fish runs and one click for the drag and i dont have to worry about using my finger to slow my reel down anymore and worry about line getting twisted up on the run. Its awesome having a drag. I know to some it may not be as personal but personally, I like landing fish along with fighting them. Haha Greatest buy Ive ever made
New South Wales, Australia
 Okuma's Best Centrepin Reel
Pros: Great Protective Bag, Sensitive Drag, Perfect Free Spool, Looks Really Good, Beautifully machined, Right Or Left Hand
Best Uses: All Float Fishing
Comments: I use this reel to catch luderick. I have used a very wide range of centrepin reels over more than 50 years and this one is the best one yet. I love the earlier model Okuma centrepin reel I have been using for the last few years but this one is even better. The quality of manufacture continues to be of the highest level and the newly introduced star drag system moves this reel into a new generation of centrepin reels. I cannot fault the reel's operation and it looks great on the rod. Only problem is that all my fishing mates want to keep examining the reel and testing out the drag mechanism.
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