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These are the extra spools for the Okuma Helios Fly Reels.

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best fly reel for the money.
Pros: Smooth Drag System
Cons: None Specified
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Helios 56 Fly Reel.
Ottawa, IOntario, Canada
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I use this reel with a TFO 5 wt Fly rod, an excellent combination. I mostly fish for larger Bass and Rainbow trout (3-8 Lb)usually from a float tube. I find this reel is very smooth in operation, has a nice large arbor for quick retrieves and a very smooth drag which results in a very low loss of fish. I set the drag as low as I can without creating any backlash from a hard long run from a big, strong fish. The only very small knock on it would be that the drag adjustment is very sensitive e.g. a tenth turn can double the drag, so you have to be very careful in making adjustments.
Pros: Durable, Smooth Reeling, Smooth Drag System, Easy Casting, Line Doesn't Tangle, Reliable
Cons: none
Best Uses: River Fishing, Fly Fishing, Trolling