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Model: Sliding Rings
Model: Fixed Reel Seat
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Model: Sliding Rings
Model: Fixed Reel Seat

The Okuma Aventa Float Rods are long fishing rods that provide excellent control when float fishing, allowing longer drifts and better hook sets. The Okuma Aventa float rods are an ideal choice for the first time float angler looking for a longer rod at an economical price.

These Okuma Aventa Float Rods have premium cork handles with Pac Bay sliding rings (Model: VT-S-1363FR-2) or Fuji fixed reel seats (Models: VT-S-1363FR and VT-S-1563FR).

Features of the Okuma Aventa Float Rods include:

  • Balanced rod actions for the Aventa float reels
  • Sensitive graphite blank construction
  • Tall frame guides for line control
  • Aluminum Oxide guide inserts
  • Reel seat or slip ring models
  • Quality cork fore and rear grips

Specifications for the Okuma Aventa Float Rods can be seen in the Specifications tab above.

The Okuma Aventa Float Rods are covered by Okuma's One Year warranty on all defects in workmanship and materials.

Okuma Aventa Float Rods
VTS-1363-FR-213' 6"Slip3Medium4 - 818 - 3819 14NA13 + Tip6.4
VTS-1363-FR13' 6"Fixed3Medium4 - 818 - 385 9108 1513 + Tip6.6
VTS-1563-FR15' 6"Fixed3Medium4 - 818 - 385 9108 1513 + Tip8.8
Review Summary
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Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (8)
Accurate Casting (4)
Durable (4)
Flexible (4)
Easy To Transport (3)
Good Tip Action (3)
Breaks Easily (3)
3 pieces (2)
Best Uses
River Fishing (7)
Float fishing (3)
Steelhead (2)
Large Fish (2)

Customer Reviews
Trout Slayer
Somewhere in Montana
 First day with new Okuma Rod
Comments: Worked just like it is supposed to! No problems at all. Landed 6+lb bow and others this morning. Great day. Great rod.
United States
 great rod for the money!
Pros: cost
Cons: 3 pieces
Best Uses: Float fishing
Comments: i have the 13'6" version of this rod and liked it so much i got the 15' one. best rod for the money.
charlotte, n.c.
 aventa float rod
Pros: Well made for price
Cons: 3 pieces
Best Uses: Float fishing
Comments: great rod to break into center pin float fishing with. i prefer a two piece rod but for the price i'll settle for a three piece.
steelhead alley
 Worth every penny
Pros: Accurate Casting, Well made for price, Good control, Easy To Transport
Cons: Short handle for 15ft rod, Light action only
Best Uses: Trottingcoarse fishing, Float spinningpin, Catfish, Steelhead, Large Fish, River Fishing
Comments: I bought a 15 ft aventa, used it as a spinning rod, till i got a center pin. for the money i spent, I caught 4 out of 7 fish all over 25 inches in water that was flowing at 200 cfs... no problems at all. power when you need it and enough give to keep them pinned.. it may take a bit to get used to it when rigged as a spinning outfit, being a light action it is a little spongy and may wobble after the cast, or in an unsteady hand.. beware the tip this is a long rod with a fine tip so newbs beware.. don't prop the door with it.. if you are carefull you will get you [$] worth and then some... remeber the rod has recommendations,, follow them, its not a piece of shhhh because you don't take care of it... I have upgraded but still, thes rod is a good way to start pinning without breaking the bank
 Unbeatable Price for Entry level Floatin
Pros: Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Float fishing, River Fishing
Comments: Bought as a combo with Sheffield reel. Fairly smooth casting using the Modified Wallis cast. As a beginner in float fishing I only get about a 20-25 yd casts but I'm consistently acurate. Hook setting seems to be fairly easy with 13'6" rod getting nice long drifts. This was the best deal I've seen for this set-up.
good rod
Pros: Durable, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Accurate Casting, Flexible
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: I have owned this rod for 3 years and 200 plus steelhead later with no problems. Im not sure the people above know how to fish. Like any rod you need to be carefull. I mainly fish the colder part of the winter without any problems.
Steelie Hammer
 Float rod
Pros: Sensitive, Good Tip Action, Durable, Flexible, Accurate Casting
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, River Fishing
Comments: Great match for the aventa reel, good rod with good action and the line pick up is sweet. Well it is hard to walk with in the woods because it is so big haha.
gone fishin
Rochester, NY
 you'll never see your husband again!
Pros: Flexible, Durable
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: fine pole
Nathan Slate
Western NY
Pros: Good swing, Flexible, Sensitive
Cons: Breaks Easily, Tip broke off
Best Uses: Steelhead
Comments: This rod feels real good in your hands, and fishes real well to, but I am disappointed that today I broke the first two inches of the tip while fighting a little 4 pound steelhead. Other people have said that they have experienced the same thing with this rod. Disappointed that I now have to call the company to replace it. I hope that this rod was just a lemon, and that the replacement will be better.
Mayfield Village, Ohio
 buy the next expensive Okuma rod
Pros: Light weight-accurate cas
Cons: Needs better eyelets, Breaks Easily
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: Price is right-however tip broke off second time I used the rod. Okuma is a great company-they stand behind their product. I own five reels and eight Okuma rods. Great factory response. I would purchase the next expensive Okuma rod rather then this model. The tip on this rod is very prone to weakness. My fishing buddies some five of them have had the same problem.
Buffalo, NY
Cold weather may be a problem
Pros: Easy To Transport
Cons: Breaks Easily
Best Uses: River Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: This is a good beginners ceterpin rod, soft and a little heavy, but be weary of it in cold weather. I broke the tip (8") off fighting a medium size steelhead on my third trip with it, yesterday a freind broke his just above the second ferrel fighting a medium sized fish. It seems in cold weather these rods get very brittle. Others I know have had similar experiences.
Michigan Griff
Midland, Michigan
 affordable, effective
Pros: Handles big fish, Durable, Accurate Casting
Best Uses: Center pin steelheading
Comments: superb rod for the price. performs casting, drifting and fish-fighting well.
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