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Tattle Flag Kit is used for upgrading the Off Shore Tackle OR-12 Side Planer. When properly installed on an OR-12 Side Planer, this kit will give you a spring-loaded flag that will be pulled down when a fish strikes the lure or bait or if the lure snags on debris. In addition, it will allow the angler to "read" the board and determine whether it is running correctly, fouled with weeds, or even if the angler is towing a small fish.

This system is designed for light striking fish such as walleye and crappie.

This kit is designed to be installed on all OR-12 Side Planers. The kit includes two OR-16 Snap Weight Clips, linkage arms, a replacement flag, complete instructions and the necessary hardware to convert an OR-12 Side Planer into a Tattle Flag board. This kit upgrades one OR-12 Side Planer.

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Customer Reviews
Northwest Iowa
Novice Angler
 tattle flag kit
Comments: Easy to add to the boards.
Avid Angler
 aids in reading boards
Pros: detects fouling, detects multiple hits, adds a visual excitement to trolling
Cons: a bit more sensitivity IMO
Comments: I'm a novice with planer boards, so take this for what its worth. The tattle flags helped me read fouling (mostly bits of suspended weed and grass so far this season) and multiple hits in rapid succession. I did try to drop my rod tip and stall the board whenever I saw the flag jitter, but this technique only added one fish that I'm sure of over a two day period in spite of seeing the phenomenon many times. As my skills improve, I fully expect this technique to scrag a significant number of walleyes that I'd otherwise miss over the course of the season. I don't think I had many (any?) fish swam along with lures in their mouths, so I don't know if the flags helped with detection of that situation (I was using the boards in shallow and the walleyes typically crushed the lure or "pecked" at it repeatedly). The flags really shone detecting bits of crud on my rigs when I set the spring to its softest setting. I'd like to see an even softer flag spring setting for newbies like me to experiment with.
Brown Bagger
Syracuse, NY
 Weighted Down Tattler
Pros: Durable
Cons: Too Weight Sensitive
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: The boards have to be carefully monitored with the tattle tale flags employed. Three ounce weights, crankbaits, and too fast a trolling speed can pull the flags back, defeating their purpose.
Delaware, OH
 Worked fine.
Pros: Functional, Durable
Comments: Only used once so far, but it works well when you are after walleye,for example, and a small white perch is on the hook. Can't always tell that if just a straight board is used.
church hill tn.
up grade kit
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Functional, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: yes i would recommend thie to any fishing person who uses planer boards that has not been up grade.i have 4 boards and they came not up grade.when i use them it was hard to tell when a fish was on. even in the i know when a fish is on every time.
Cadillac, MI
 seems be affective
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Pull it out of the box, look at instructions, and goes together in about 5 minutes.
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