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The Off Shore Tackle Reversible Mini Planer Board (OR-34) is a great alternative to larger planer board systems. The OR-34 reversible planer board can be run off either side of the boat by simply reversing the direction of the bracket. The pinch pad release system allows you to easily attach and remove this board from the line. The pinch pad tension can also be adjusted for different trolling situations by sliding the spring forward or back. These smaller in-line planer boards help to get your baits out and away from your boat without the hassle of the bigger planer systems. These boards are great for use in clearer waters and for shy, easily spooked fish. The Off Shore Tackle OR34 Reversible Mini Planer Board is ideal for light tackle fishing.

Features of the Off Shore Tackle Reversible Mini Planer Board (OR-34) include:

  • Adjustable OR-10 release which can be adjusted for use with braided or mono lines
  • Reversible design
  • Snap swivel and split ring for attachment to line
  • Yellow color is easy to see and makes flags unnecessary
  • Includes two (red & yellow) Off Shore Tackle Pro Snap Weight Clips (OR16)
  • This board measures 6 inches long by 234 inches high

The Off Shore Tackle Reversible Mini Planer Board (OR-34) is made in the U.S.A.

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Customer Reviews
OR16 included
Debary, FL
Avid Angler
 OR16 Included
Pros: Price OR16 included
Cons: None
Best Uses: crappie
Comments: Ordered the additional OR16's to replace the factory swivels as was suggested on the UTube videos. When they arrived the OR16 is now included from the factory. Great buy, but even better now that they are included.
Plains, PA
 Half price
Pros: Price
Cons: Limited use
Best Uses: light tackle trolling
Comments: The board is excellent for small lakes in PA. I bought the larger board for bottom bouncers.
Alberta, Canada
 REALLY easy for beginners to use
Pros: quick and easy deployment, for spinners and shallow to med cranks, just as fun as their big brothers, reversable, inexpensive compared to full sized
Cons: no tattle flag
Best Uses: when in a hurry to deploy
Comments: I'm still learning a lot about the bigger ones and tried the Mini just for grins. I rigged mine with an OR 16 on the back in lieu of the snap lock from the factory. It deploys very easily and, with the factory snap on the front, it holds and releases .008" braid nicely. It seems much easier and quicker for me to unclip than my full sized boards. Where it really shines for me is when I stumble across structure that I want to test with a planer board but i'm in too much of a rush (read as lazy) to bother with setting up for a proper trolling pass. In literally a few seconds I can attach the mini to the handiest rod, regardless on the line on it, and send it over to a check out a tasty looking weed line or rocky shoreline. I haven't tried it with really deep divers, nor have i used it in serious chop, but it handles spinners with blades to size 7, sticks to 13 cm, and Shad Raps and Flicker Shads to 9 cm with no problem in calm to moderate breezes. The only thing I miss is the tattle flags, but that may become less important as I get better at reading boards. A completely unrelated bonus - my Mini has raised Northerns and Walleyes that it passed over on its way to the target area. Of course it didn't catch anything, but it made me laugh out loud and gave me additional targets to come back for later.
United States
 Off Shore mini planers!
Pros: Light weight and reversible
Cons: Have to release from line as your fighting fish.
Comments: These Off Shore mini planers worked great for me when trolling for walleyes with lighter tackle in water up to twenty feet deep with crawler harnesses and deep diving crank baits. They make a fairly inexpensive way to get your trolling lines out away from the boat and are easily reversible and with the OR-16 clip are brought into the boat and retrieved while fighting the fish. Ideal for fishing the smaller lakes!!!
Avid Angler
 Offshore mini planer board
Pros: Reversible
Cons: Sinks
Comments: Great with smaller tackle and calm conditions. Not so good in choppy condition. Also would be good to have known that they sink. Lost one the first time I used it when lure got hung down and board came off and sunk not to be found.
 easy to use
Comments: Never used planers boards before, was fishing in about ten minutes from time I opened the package. Very easy to use. Used to pull worm harnesses with good luck.
 Great Product
Pros: EASY TO USE, Reversible, Works with light tackle, cheapest on market
Cons: sink easily if not under tension
Best Uses: crappie
Comments: These boards work as well as any i've every used. Cheaper, more compact, and reversable. Great for crappie. Used them trout fishing in a river to to get to some pools I couldn't wade to. They do sink a bit easier than other boards, I lost one in a river when I let it sink and it got hung in something.
Lake Michigan
 Off shore mini
Comments: This item is perfect for light Salmon trolling in fairly calm water and provides a better fight from the fish over the larger boards
Bellevue, Ne
 Opus Dog
Comments: Very easy to use. Works well with crawler harness and small lures. Not as hard on equipement as a normal planer board is.
21531 No Wake ave Wilmington IL 60481
Avid Angler
 Off Shore Mini boards
Pros: small easy yo use reversable
Best Uses: light tackle trolling
Comments: Purchased Off Shore mini planner boards from Fish USA online because they were not available at any retail stores in my area.They were out of stock at the time of order and within a matter of a few days they were back in stock. USA Fish promply filled my order and shipped them. I was very pleased with the way USA Fish handled this order as promply as they did. These planner boards are perfect for light tackle trolling for crappie and white bass etc.They are small, easy to use and the reversable ability will really come in handy.
Northwest Ohio
 Mini Planer Boards
Pros: Works with light tackle, Reversible
Cons: No Flags
Best Uses: Use in small boats, Use in Small Lakes
Comments: I use this product when trolling in waters where there are smaller walleye 15-20" or saugeye. This product works similar to the larger Offshore boards I use in Lake Erie.
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