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Off Shore Side Planer Boards are designed for stability and performance. Off Shore Side Planer Boards are properly ballasted to run in rough water and at ultra-low speeds. These in-line planer boards are excellent for deep-diving crankbaits and for use with leadcore.

The OR-12 has taken all the abuse these hard fishing professionals could dish out and performed with walleye, salmon, steelhead, stripers, muskie and even sailfish and dolphin.

Every Off Shore Side Planer includes one OR-19 release and one OR-16 clip. These planers do not come with a tattle flag.

These are Off Shore Tackle part number OR-12. They come in a right side version (#OR-12R) and a left side version (#OR-12L).

Review Summary
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Customer Reviews
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, easy to see
Best Uses: Fishing Boats
Comments: I have not used them yet but I think that they are very well made and should work great.
Upstate NY
 Great boards
Comments: Have used them with braid (wrapped around the front clip) and 5 colors of leadcore and in pretty heavy waves and they've performed well.
Lake Michigan/Huron
 Excellent boards! More salmon and steelies...
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, tracks great in rough water
Best Uses: Steelhead and atlantics
Comments: Easy to use boards that track nice and straight even if rough waters (we were in 7-8' rollers!!!). They hauled a 2oz snap weight and a variety of spoons and stick baits with ease. Produced fish. Didnt break in the many drops and tosses they have taken. What more can you ask for out of a planer board?
 easy for one person to use
Pros: easy for a lone angler to use
Comments: I'd never used planer boards before getting these. I used them to deploy spinners and cranks on short leads in 4 - 9' of water for post spawn walleye as suggested and they worked like a charm. I caught about 4 times as many fish off the boards than I did using just an 8' rod (the number is a guess; I didn't actually count after I became convinced that the boards outperformed the rod alone). I'm was able to learn how to deploy them in shallow water (after dropping them a few times, getting my finger stuck in the line twists, and generally feeling like a dunce for a little while). I installed the tattle tale flags and think they really helped me, especially in detecting bits of early season weed or the odd bit of crap I'd scrape up from the bottom. I'm really looking forward to trying them on shallow pike and again (and again and again) on deeper 'eyes.
 Works Great
Pros: tracks great in rough water, easy to see, Easy To Clean
Cons: Large
Comments: Planer boards work great! I'll be buying more soon.
Avid Angler
 I have not used it yet.
Comments: It is a very sturdy board. It looks to me like the quality is very good. Instructions are easy to understand. I will let you know after this month how it performs.
Northern Illinois
 Exellent service!
Pros: Functional, Durable, Service
Comments: Everybody knows these boards are great and do a superb job of pulling heavy setups like 100 feet of leadcore, however, in this post I wanted to compliment the service I recieved from FishUSA. Not only I got a great deal on the boards (on sale with a good discount), I also picked free "economy" shipping option that was availalbe - I fugured I wouldn't need the boards until April anyway so why hurry, right? Nevetheless, the package showed up at my door in three days. Very impressed! Thank you FishUSA. I will keep ordering from you.
 Great Price and Speedy Getting Here!
Pros: Functional
Comments: I buy a pair of Offshore 12s every year, and these are the cheapest that I have found. I troll for salmon, trout, and steelhead with them, pulling copper, lead, and mono. Love the way they cut the water and stay off to the sides of the boat. Also, was thrilled to have them show up at my door in only a few days after I ordered them. Great online store!
 planner boards
Pros: easy to use
Cons: hard to find when used in pro mode in rough water
Best Uses: lakes
Comments: good board but need to get better clips for rough water hard to find board
Brown Bagger
Syracuse, NY
 Mellow Yellow Quite The Fellow
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Functional, Takes a beating
Best Uses: Fishing For Lite Biters, Fresh Water, Fishing For Walleye
Comments: The boards allow multiple lines to be set out using various lure presentations. They can detect fish strikes fairly regularly.
fishing family
 Works in white caps
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Durable, Functional, Easy To Use
Comments: Tattle flag expensive but needed for light bite detection
Delaware, OH
 Works Fine
Pros: Functional
Comments: Have used these for years. A good addition is the tattle flag kit. these work well in 2 foot or less waves at lower speeds.
Griffith, Australia
 We call them ducks
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Easy To Maintain, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: We use them fishing for trout in alpine lakes. They allow you to run 4 lures behind the boat without the risk of a tangle. You can run a lure 10 metres behind the planer and send it in close to the bank without running the boat aground. You can use them with leadcore or monofilament lines, but using them with braid is a bit tricky. I don't own a boat but have 3 friends who do. I have bought them all a set of left and right planers, so it doesn't matter whose boat I am in.
Biel/Bienne Switzerland
 slowly continuous side planer board
Pros: Functional, Durable, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I need this planerboard in Switzerland. I am the only one who has this and it is the best one. A lot of fishers in Switzerland doesen't now this product and they are astonished. Very nice with the flag who is going down when a fish cath the bait.
Central New York
I bought 1 to try it out
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I bought one to try on the big pond lake ontario this past thurday 4/22/10 near oswego ny, using a small 16 foot alum boat in 2-3 foot waves, close in to shore line followed directions 10-12lb test missed 1 fish after hook up trying to release the fish from the board to play him out to the boat. release's are very firm I storngly recommend getting the planner board to the boat then have your buddie grab the board and release it like that as with 2-3 foot waves you can loose site of the board while trolling 3 other rods and end up losing the board in the surf. I did mangage 1 13 lb brown trout after fighting him and the board to the boat then releasing the board to play the fish they work but have some limitations to playing the fish free of the board
Griffith, Australia
 Simple ideas are often the best
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Each November my mates & I spend 2 weeks trout fishing in Australia's Snowy Mountains lakes. We are avid trollers using mainly shallow running lures and always looking for an edge over each other. Last year one mate produced an Offshore Tackle side planer and sent it out from the boat into the shallows near the lake's edge. When he picked up a couple of nice fat brown trout, I knew I had to have a planer. I could not find one in Australia so when I found some online at Fish USA, and the Aussie $ was worth[$] US cents, I decided to buy two - left & right.The great advantage of using the side planer is that you can get it in close to the bank where the boat can't go. When fishing in deeper water it gets the lures out away from the boat so it is less likely to spook fish. It also allows the driver & passenger to run two lines each with less risk of tangles. Can't wait for November!
Walleye Steve
Gibraltar, Mi. Lk. Erie
 Best way to troll for Walleye
Pros: Easy To Use, Attractive Design, Easy To Clean
Cons: Poor Quality Fasteners
Best Uses: Small Boats, Fishing Boats, Large Boats
Comments: Cost effective and easy way to troll for Walleye.
Customer Questions and Answers
Ask a Question
Do they come with a flag?
July 23, 2015
  -   (0) / (0) :
Yes, the Off Shore Tackle In-Line Side Planer Board does come with a flag included
July 24, 2015
Do either Off shore or Church Tackle in line planer boards float?
November 07, 2015
  -   (0) / (0) :
Yes both of these planner boards have foam on the back side to keep these floating
November 08, 2015
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