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Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncers

The Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncers are the most versatile, sensitive and snag free bottom bouncer on the market. The sleek stick shaped design is made from extruded rolled SuperStainless Rod to provide minimum resistance and maximum sensitivity when trolled or dragged along the bottom. The Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncers are designed to bounce along the bottom and glide over jagged rocks, logs, stumps and weed cover without getting snagged up. The patented Quick-Change Weight Snap allows you to quickly and easily change weights and stow rods with out weight attached. The roller swivel eliminates line twist and provides free-spinning motion. Fluorescent Sunrise Attractor Paint works as an attraction device to lure fish in for closer inspection.

The Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncers are available in six sizes. All sizes are 12" in length, the difference is in the diameter.

Please note that due to restrictions FishUSA cannot ship these sinkers to Maine, New Hampshire, New York or Vermont.

Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncers
About Me:
I purchased 3 1 1/2oz & 3 1oz from FishUSA took them fishing and LOST 4 of them in the fishing trip. They have a VERY POOR DESIGN ALL OF THEM BROKE OFF at the plastic clip that connects the slick stick to the line. WILL NOT BUY THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
Pros: none
Best Uses: none