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Nils USA Hand Augers feature a one piece cutting head instead of individual blades. This design offers a stronger over all cutting surface. The cutting head is constructed of high chromium steel, which is more durable than other brands of auger blades and will stay sharper much longer. The curved blades quickly cut through the thickest ice with little to no downward pressure applied. These augers do all the work.

The Nils USA Hand Augers have cushion grip handles for cutting comfort. The offset handle design brings the drilling hand out, farther away from the center line of the auger increasing the torque going directly to the cutting head. This makes drilling holes much easier than with similar sized augers. The folding handle design makes transportation and storage a breeze.

All models come with a plastic cutting head cover to protect the blades from damage and to protect users from the blades. These augers are powercoated blue with red cutting heads.

Please note that the auger assembly/cutting head section of these hand augers can be used in conjunction with the Nils USA power auger powerheads.

Review Summary
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of customers would recommend this product.94%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (31), Casual/ Recreational (6), Professional (3), Beginner (3), Advanced (2)
Easy To Use (41)
Functional (28)
Durable (24)
Easy To Maintain (17)
Lightweight (7)
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Can't find any (5)
Expensive (3)
a bit more pricey but still worth every penny (3)
Best Uses
Ice Fishing (44)
any ice (3)
Replace power auger (2)
4-20" of ice (2)
any thicker go power (2)

Customer Reviews
 Amazingly fast - Faster than most power augers you see on the ice
Comments: Really just amazing. With absolutely no downward pressure, the Nils 6" hand auger goes through 18"of ice in about 10 seconds so the one reviewers estimate of 2" per second was about right on. Can easily punch 3 holes without stopping and get them set up and then punch more holes. The 6" diameter auger was actually so easy, I ordered the Nils 8" diameter hand auger to compare knowing it has about 50% more surface area and would take 1.5 times as long to auger a hole. After using the 8", I am going to sell the 6". Was punching holes this weekend in 16" of ice in about 12 seconds. So yes, about 1.5 times longer than the 6" auger. Time will tell how these blades hold up and if the fast, effortless augering will continue. From discussing with others, you want to always baby the head. Immediately put back on the guard so you don't bump the blades. Even minor dings will impact performance. Don't auger it in a few inches and leave it stand there; put the blade cover back on and put it in your sled. You don't want the head freezing into a hole and then you leveraging it out, potentially flexing anything. That probably applies less to the Nils head compared to other auger blade designs, but good practice anyway. When you get home, always dry off the head and spray/wipe with WD40 to prevent surface rust, but be CAREFUL. Blades are razor sharp. Do not mess with the blade unless you can focus on what you are doing. You will slit your fingers or glove. Also, be careful when augering. I must have bumped my gortex pants with the blade after pulling it up because I discovered a 3" slit in my pant leg when I got home. Slit right through 2 layers of material. Treat this auger well and it should last years before needing an authorized dealer to sharpen (don't try to sharpen yourself unless you REALLY know what you are doing with auger blades because all augers are particular with angles and sharpening procedures). Really just amazing that I walk out on the ice with this auger and someone nearby says "The ice is 18" thick. You can borrow my gas auger if you want". I politely decline and then punch through the ice in about 10 seconds. Then I hear "I guess you don't need it". Though, it really is about blade quality and sharpness (and maintenance). I don't own a gas auger and don't plan to. And won't fight a cheapo hand auger. Not worth it. Pay 1/2 the price, get 1/4 the quality. Pay for the Nils or other high quality hand auger or you'll end up frustrated. When you can punch a hole faster than the guy next to you gets his gas auger started (after 20 pulls), it's pretty satisfying. And then he pushes down hard and it still takes his gas auger 25+ seconds to get through, it's even more. Granted, that is someone that doesn't maintain their equipment, but it seems like that scenario is the norm compared to the number of guys that have well maintained augers (gas, battery, or hand). Happy fishing!
Nils 6" hand auger is the best
Pros: light weight easy transport, Cuts very fast, adaptable to rechargeable drill, quiet and no fumes
Cons: none yet
Best Uses: Replace power ice auger
Comments: Looking for an alternative to my gas auger I bought a 6" Nils hand auger (as opposed to the Nils 6" "orange" auger designed for a cordless drill) a couple months ago (11/14) along with an adapter for use with a cordless drill. I coupled this with a Milwaukee 18V Fuel hammer drill with extra capacity batteries for a power head. The ease and speed of drilling holes is unbelievable. Powers through at nearly 2" of ice per second with my drill (really… it cuts crazy fast). Late Janurary I was going through 16" of ice easily in less than 10 seconds. A month ago I drilled about 40 holes through 12" ice and still had half of a battery charge. Makes moving around and finding fish a lot easier, quicker, and somewhat stealthier. Of course this is the 6" model, though with a good, high torque drill the 8" will also cut super quickly I'm sure. The cutting head is razor sharp so you gotta be careful taking the guard on and off. Have not yet tried to use the handle for hand auguring but for sure will for earliest ice in future years. Best ice fishing purchase in a long time. My 8" gas auger will be gathering dust unless I'm specifically pike fishing. Highly recommended, well worth the extra coin. Treat it nice and it should stay sharp a long time. The head can be resharpened at a reasonable price. If you are fishing for species larger than panfish like big pike and walleye you'll want to get the 8" auger.
United States
 should have bought this years ago
Pros: light weight easy transport, easy to auger holes
Comments: This auger is a pleasure to use. I find myself wanting to put more holes In the ICE. Great product.
 Best hand auger on the market.
Comments: I bought 8" auger last November, went ice fishing January 24. Ice was about 8" tick. It took me 15 seconds to make 8" hole. Perfect.
United States
Advanced Angler
 Best hand ice auger on the market PERIOD!!!
Pros: easy to use, easy to maintain. Cuts ice like a butter, I got an 8 incher and it cuts perfectly.
Cons: Hard to get replacement blades
Best Uses: ice fishing
Comments: Awesome auger, simply the best hand ice auger on the market. You can use it with power head as power auger or use it as hand auger. very versitile
West central WI
 Great Auger, Quality made
Pros: lightweight, good quality, nice blade cover, Folding handle
Cons: none yet
Comments: I bought the 4 1/2 " auger like it so well I think I am going to order a 6" also. Drills crazy fast with little effort. I know a couple guys with 6" augers that say the same thing. Very top quality the flighting on the auger shaft is welded all the way not just tacked on. Seems to have very good paint also. One other thing I noticed is that the auger does not catch at the bottom of the hole when you get drilled through. There is no bolts on the blades to catch, this is nice especially if your using a cordless drill. You won't be disappointed!
oneida lake
best hand auger made
Pros: Cuts very fast, Easy to transport
Best Uses: any ice
Comments: these augers cut so good I sold my power auger. last year i was cutting 7 holes every time we set up through 26 inches of ice. Im also on the 4th year with the same head that came with it when i bought it
oneida lake ny
the best auger on the market
Pros: Cuts great, Easy To Use, Cuts Ice quickly
Best Uses: any ice
Comments: this is the best auger you can buy. I sold my gas auger when I bought this one because I was tired of gas leaking all over. Drilled 8 inch holes through 26 inches of ice and it wasn't that bad
Central MA
Works almost too good!
Comments: After cutting holes through 9" ice in under 15 seconds, I will never lay out the money for a power auger. It is light and the folding handle design is well thought out. It's nice when you buy something that actually does what it says it does. You get what you pay for. Having a factory sharpener within driving distance is a real plus too.
 6" Nils auger
Pros: good quality
Comments: I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I was very pleased with the price and the fast shipping of it.
 Light weight and fast drilling
Pros: Lightweight, little effort, Fast cutting
Cons: a bit more pricey but still worth every penny
Comments: I put a 6 inch hole through 14 inches of ice in about 20 seconds with little effort. The auger weighs about 5 pounds. I am glad I bought this auger. Perfect for the fishing I do in northeast Pennsylvania.
Comments: Amazingly fast yet lightweight. Changes your outlook regarding moving (or scouting) while on the ice, as making new holes are so easy.
Pros: Easy To Use
Cons: Can't find any
Comments: New to ice fishing and did not want to spend 400-500 dollars on a power auger. So glad I went with the Nils. Cuts easily and quickly. Auger was shipped quickly and arrived in grat sahpe via FedEx.
Sergeant Bluff, IA
Great but....Fragile
Pros: No pressure, Cuts fast, light weight easy transport
Cons: Expensive, Fragile
Comments: Absolutely the best hand auger. Cuts with little to no pressure. Went through 18-20" of ice in under 30 seconds. Takes very little effort and easy to operate. The only down side is, just like all hand augers, it's very fragile. I babied this thing as much as possible but I went through the ice in what I believed to be 5 ft of water but instead it was 20" of ice and 2 inches of water. Didn't compensate for the winter water drop. Barely tapped the bottom and now I need a new blade. I'd be more accepting of it had I dropped it or had been rough with it but when I say I barely tapped the bottom I mean it. It's that good of an auger that I'll replace the blade and be even more careful with it next time. Be very careful when operating.
Blades were re sharpened awesome.
Pros: Fast service, Good Work
Comments: Sent my NILS blade to the factory authorized sharpening center, (Small Engine Repair ) in Ashby mass They did an awesome job. Turn around time was less than a week, auger cut Like it was Brand New.
 Easy to operate
Pros: Light Weight
Cons: color!
Comments: This auger was worth the money. It cuts effortlessly through thick ice with no downward pressure like the add says. Its also nice and light to carry around. Good quality product.
fargo, nd
 awesome auger
Pros: cuts well
Cons: none yet
Comments: Cuts through the ice like a hot knife through butter. Very glad I purchased and would definitely recommend. I've used other hand augers and gas augers but this one is the best yet. With both hands going in a circular motion it just seems to cut really well. Can go through a foot of ice in well less than a minute. No heavy gas auger to haul around or mess around with gasoline.
Hampton, Minnesota
 Nils 6" auger
Pros: Cuts fast, light weight easy transport, Folding handle
Best Uses: 4-20" of ice, any thicker go power, drilling more than 15 go power
Comments: This auger works great. I watched a video on it and was sceptical, but it really works great. It turns easy, cuts fast, folds for transport and is very light. Used it to cut 14 holes in 18-20" ice over half a day of fishing and have no complaints.
The Fishman
Brighton, MI
 "Great Auger"
Pros: Fastest auger ever
Cons: none yet
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I bought this auger after reading all the great reviews for it and using a friends on the ice. I got the 6" and can cut 12 to 15 holes one after the other without breaking a sweat. This auger cuts three times faster, at least, than my Lazer, and with hardly any effort. I'm totally stoked and impressed with my Nils. This auger will cut as fast or faster than most power augers. We'll see how long it stays sharp, though, I cut 50 to 100 holes on each trip to the ice and I fish a lot. Overall, best hand auger I've ever used or seen, period.
 I converted from battery drill to Nils.
Pros: Cuts Ice quickly, Fair price, Minimal effort needed, longer than most handies, awesome cover design
Cons: annoying telling everyone what your using
Best Uses: 4-20" of ice, any thicker go power
Comments: I had a jiffy 6" that I converted to a power auger with an 18volt battery drill. I got tired of keeping my batteries warm and recharging all the time and did alot of research and came up with this little guy. Drills through anything with minimal effort. Very sharp blades do all the work, all you do is move your hands. Gets a little, not super easy, with over 20" of ice but for anything thinner than that I love it.
Erie, PA
 Great Product. worth the investment
Pros: Easy To Use
Cons: a bit more pricey but still worth every penny
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Great Auger. Cuts with no problems and no effort. Just turn the handle and the auger does the work. Handle folds down out of the way for transport.
 Nils hand auger
Comments: I had 15 inches of ice to drill through and I beat the power augers.
NW Illinois
 Cuts like butter
Pros: Cuts very fast
Cons: none yet
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Great auger. Does exactly what it says it will do. I would definitely recommend.
Marcellus NY
 Smooth and quick
Pros: smooth and quick
Cons: none yet
Best Uses: any ice
Comments: Having ice fished for over 40 years I have used many augers. Starting with the spoon model working up to the powered ones and the lazer model I still kept thinking there is something better out there. Now I think I found it The Nils I bought is one smooth and quick cutting auger that puts a smile on my face. I'm cutting many holes each time I'm out trying to get to the panfish and perch. This unit bores those holes without pressure or hangups. This unit is a keeper.
Upstate NY
Advanced Angler
 Nils Hand Auger
Pros: Speed, light weight easy transport
Cons: Expensive
Best Uses: 6" Holes
Comments: One of the fastest cutting hand augers I have used.If the blades hold up it will be well worth the extra money for this premium auger.
Waverly, NY
 Great Hand Auger
Pros: Easy To Use, Cuts very fast, light weight easy transport
Cons: Can't find any
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I've used it over a dozen times since I received it. Cuts through the ice with ease. Let my buddy try it, who swears by Strikemaster. Now he's he wants one.
Hardwater Customs
Central NY
 Great Auger
Pros: Fast cutting, light weight easy transport
Cons: a bit more pricey but still worth every penny
Comments: Great auger, fast cutting, easy to carry. Best hand auger available. Glad I changed, my back and neck injuries won't flair as fast now. Do yourself a favor and buy one of these. It's worth the extra cash!
Love to Fish
Avid Angler
 Truly Impressed
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Cuts fast, little effort
Cons: Can't find any
Best Uses: Replace power auger
Comments: I have been ice fishing for many years and have tried several different hand and power augers, but never a Nils. I prefer hand augers over power augers but had always put up with slower drilling because that's just the way it's supposed to be, right? I was wrong! I received my first Nils 6" hand auger and put it to use in January 2013. Upon arriving at the lake I told my 14 year old son to drll a test hole to check for ice thickness. I busied myself getting gear ready and unloading when he came back and said there was 10" - 12" of ice and we should be safe. I asked how far off-shore he had drilled the hole, expecting him to say he had just drilled one hole about 6 feet from the bank because he had returned fairly quickly. I did not believe him when he said that he had drilled 4 holes as far out as 50 yards from the bank. WHAT! I looked out at the lake and saw his tracks and the four test holes and I was absolutely shocked. The remainder of our first day on the ice with the Nils was nothing short of amazing. Hole after hole it performed far above our expectations. It has been a long time since I have been genuinely impressed with a piece of equipment. Thank you Nils for an excellent product and a no-hype marketing approach!
 Best Manual Auger!!!
Pros: Cuts fast, Cuts great, Cuts Ice quickly, Light to carry, little effort
Cons: Can't find any
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Okay guys being a woman this has got to be the best manual auger on the market for me. Unlike other manual augers I've owned that require a HUGE amout of downward pressure this one didn't just start turning and before you know it you're through the ice. Great for me and used it several times to punch numerous holes. Wish I would've got one like 5 years ago. So from a woman prespective this Auger is worth the money!!! TIGHT LINES!!!!!!
Winterset, Ia
Pros: Cuts very fast, little effort
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I used my new 8 inch Nils Auger for the first time the other evening. The fish weren't biting, so I drilled many holes.....didn't take too much effort, so wasn't afraid to drill another. Performed just as described. I would recommend this auger to anyone who doesn't have a motor auger. Super Auger! (:
Bristol, Vermont
 Great Hand Auger!
Pros: Super sharp, Cuts great
Comments: Awesome auger! Cuts even better than I expected. Would highly recommend it.
Pulaski, New York
 there is number one then all the rest
Pros: Fair price, Durable, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Functional
Cons: Can't find any
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: think over the past 35+ yrs of ice fishing i have used every hand screw on the market i have 2 tanaka [nills] in 4&6" that are 25+ yrs old my 6" has a cracked flight which was of my doing, that i am getting welded but just in case it doesn't hold i just purchased another,i don't baby my stuff , and i ice fish 3 months a year and average 5 day a week , and i'm a run and gun guy thats a lot of holes and the people they recomend for resharpening the heads are super,if needed, best single piece of equipment in my ice arsenal
Walk on water,  Hard
 Only worth while hand auger!
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Functional
Comments: Fantastic augers! I have both the 6" and 8" hand augers, and they both work great. The 6" will rip through 9" of ice in 13-14 turns. Don't bend the blades and they will last a long time.
southern Wisconsin
Pros: Lightweight, Quick
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: My first auger. Was using my Grandfathers handmade chisel. I found the Auger light to carry, and quick to make a hole. The blade is sharp. I was careful to keep the blade protected during transport/storage, and sprayed it with WD-40 when not in use. After about 5 times on the lake, and maybe 30 holes - still looks and works like new. I like the offset handles. Makes sense that both hands do the work, and the lack of downforce allows the blades to do the cutting, which they did with surprising speed. I would watch power augers working next to me, but was not at all jealous. Also saw people using standard augers and pushing hard to make the blades cut. Ice was about 12" thick. Expect to get many years from this auger. Definitely worth the extra price.
The Old Fisherman
Northern Vermont
 Nils Master Hand Auger Tops Them All!
Pros: Less effort needed, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: It sure beats the Swedish type auger that I used before!
Perch Chaser
Enosburg Falls, VT
 Must Have for Ice Fishing
Pros: Easy To Use, Easy to transport, Durable, Functional, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: This product cuts through ice much easier than any hand auger I have used before. It costs more than other augers, but you get what you pay for and this auger is worth the difference.
 money well spent!!!!
Pros: Fastest auger ever
Comments: Thus is the best investment I have ever made In my entire life,it cuts about an inch a second!!!!
Bangor, Maine
 It's as good as they say.
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I recently moved to Maine and naturally wanted to get into ice fishing. All the locals here said, "Get a Nilsmaster" when it comes to augers. My first time out I had two holes drilled in 10 inch ice and a crappie on before my buddy had tied on his jig.
 Awesome auger
Pros: Durable, Functional, Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Easy to use
Ice Fishing Fan
Central WI
 Great 6" Hand Auger
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Best hand auger I've ever used. Very little effort after getting used to the offset handles. Power auger won't be seeing much use, even in the thicker ice. 8" will be in the arsenal next year.
Loveland, CO
 Best Hand Auger Available
Pros: Functional, fast, Easy To Maintain, Durable, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: The Nils auger blazed through 23 inches of ice in about 40 seconds. There is no comparison with any other hand auger. It is worth the money since you will spend every bit of that going through poor quality augers.
 Temperamental Auger
Pros: Cuts very fast, Works great when working, Light to carry, Minimal effort needed, Easy To Use
Cons: Blade guard comes off, Must handle with care, Leaves slush in hole, Dulls easily and fast
Best Uses: Replace power auger, Ice Fishing
Comments: Read many great reviews about the Nils hand auger. Initially I could dig holes in 13" of ice in 13-14 seconds (as fast as my power auger with new blades). Minimal effort was needed to cut the holes and could do several consecutively without a rest. My 13 yr old son could cut holes with ease! We cut 11 holes easily then on the 12th the auger dug 2-3" and would just spin on the ice! No more drilling despite several efforts! Contacted Manufacturer, was told it was debris in the ice that dulled the blades,(later took ice samples, melted them and there was minimal debris), $40 to resharpen them (this includes shipping). Blades still sharp enough to slice paper but not ice. Contacted FishUSA and was treated great, they are making things right. Loved the auger but very disappointed in the rapid dulling (one time out) rendering it useless. Reverted back to my old strikemaster lazer that I have been using on the same ice all year without problems! Several local anglers have had the same problem with their Nils this year. Have problems with the blade cover falling off. Love the off set handle design and minimal downward pressure to cut. Leaves a lot of slush to clean out of the hole likely due to the auger being much smaller than the cutting head (8"); my other augers leave less slush. I would recommend this auger but would point out several factors to consider; 1) cuts great and cuts with minimal effort when sharp but dulled rapidly for me (I expected much more from the "king of ice augers!". 2) Consider the price of replacement cutter heads and need to send off for sharpening. 3)The time saved drilling may be spent scooping slush! 4) If you can only use it in "ideal ice conditions", you might want to concider another auger with blades more readily available. 5) I read several reports of people slightly bending the cutter head rendering it useless. Appears to be thick steel but must be more fragile than expected. Treat it with care! When it works it is the best hand auger I have used!
 Nils 8" hand auger
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I have never seen a hand auger work this good. I blasted thru ice 20 inches thick in about 30 seconds. I could start the auger on previously drilled holes that had frozen over with no problems. It is worth the extra money.
Greenville MI
 Nice and neat...clean shaven
Pros: Easy To Use, Folding handle, Functional
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Impressed with the speed and little effort needed to shave thru holes. I bought the 6" first, then tried the 8". So far so good. Curious to see how long the blades last before sharpening is needed or replaced.
Old Man McCurdy
Skowhegan, ME
 Real option to a power auger!
Pros: Durable, Functional, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: After using a friends 6" Nils hand auger on several recent fishing trips I convinced myself that I needed my own! On a recent fishing trip there was 20 inches of ice on the pond and the auger made a hole in under a minute with little effort on my part. A great piece of equipment for those that jig and are constantly on the move. The light weight of the auger makes it a pleasure to carry.
great service
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Durable, Easy To Use
Comments: Thanks for stocking this. No it's not American but we have alot to catch up to in ice fishing. Great auger, nothing else can keep up. How about some palm rods and a Russian tackle box. Thanks for the great service.
Monkey Boy
Hudson Wisconsin
 I love this auger
Pros: Lightweight, Easy To Use, Functional, Durable, Cuts Ice quickly
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I did a lot of research on hand augers, and found the Nils. I purchased it because I didn't want to spend 400 dollars on a gas auger to then lug gas/oil mix plus a spark plug and have another motor to do maintence on. And I wanted a hand auger that work next year not a 50 dollar pile of junk. It shaves ice like a snoopy snow cone maker. Very easy to use. I have drilled 20 holes in 3 weeks with it. And re-drilled my fish house holes. It has performed wonderfully. I bought the 8 inch model and it works great. I suppose the 6 inch or 4 inch models would be even faster. I am cutting 15 inches of clear solid ice in Wisconsin this year. It takes about 1 minute to get through it, and I am going slow, if I speed up turning it it would go alot faster, but its fishing and why hurry. The other reason I got a hand auger is to be lighter and more mobile than a gas auger. Also to be able to walk out on early ice. - Just buy one you won't be disappointed. Oh and yes the blades are very sharp taking the cover off I cut my finger. -be careful
fremont ohio
 nils hand auger
Pros: Functional
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: looked for a while and found this to be the best deal by far thanks ollie
ojibwa wi
great auger
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Functional, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I use my cordless drill inside the shack with it. no smelly exhaust fumes or noise.
Willow River Minnesota
 nils auger
Pros: Functional, Durable, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Cuts like butter 21" of ice 45 turns of the handle. Friends are impressed.
New Hampshire
 Goes through ice like it is butter!
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Functional
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I've used other hand augers before and it was hard work drilling a hole through the ice. Even gas augers are not this easy. The Nils auger effortlessly shaves its way through the ice. The waste ice looks like it belongs on a snow cone. It really is an amazing auger and I think it is all because of the blade design. The blades are part of the auger head, not bolted on separately as with other augers, so you aren't trying to cut through ice with the bolt heads and nuts that hold the blades on other augers. On the Nils the cutting head attaches to the rest of the screw at the center shaft - everything is in line and there are no dull protruding features to make cutting difficult. Believe me, this is the best hand auger you will ever buy! You won't be disappointed.
Syracuse, NY
Good Auger but Sensative Cutting Edge
Pros: Sharp, Easy To Use, Long, Functional
Cons: Blade Cover
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: This is my third season with the 8" Nils hand auger. I sent the cutting head out for repair because it was dropped by me step son from the height of 1.5 feet. If you drop this head in any way, or use pressure while cutting, you risk knocking the blades out of alignment and then auger will just wobble in the hole. Thankfully Frank DeLuca in Minnesota is a Nils master sharpener and got the head cutting again for only $20 plus shipping. I might add, Frank has the head so sharp that is shaves hair on your arm. The head now cuts better than it did when new so I just sent off my spare head for him to sharpen as well. Take care of the auger blades and always have the blade guard on and you will not have a problem. Keeping the blade guard on though is a challenge because it is a poor design.
Fire in the hole, Sa
Upstate New York
 This auger lives up to all its hype
Pros: Quick, Very reasonable priced, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: After 35+ years of icefishing this is the best panfish auger available.
Pocatello ID
great tool!
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use, Durable, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: This ice auger was amazing! By hand i was out cutting people with gas powered augers! would strongly recomend to anyone
 Great Auger
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Cuts fast
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: This auger will get you fishing before your buddy gets his gas auger started!
 nils ice auger
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Durable, Functional
Comments: this auger cuts through ice like a hot knife through butter. I can drill twice as fast as the guys around me with power augers. Great Product
oswego, ny
 still waiting to use, but disappointed.
Pros: Still waiting to test out
Cons: Refurbished drill head
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: when i received the auger i was disappointed. it appears that the company took an old drill head and refurbished it. they painted over old chipped paint without even sand blasting it clean. i am looking forward to trying it out soon, if it ever gets cold up here. i sure hope it works better than my old Mora. will re-review after i use it a while.
Porter County, IN
 Perfect A+
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Functional, Durable
Cons: Expensive
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Dont have any ice to check it out yet but NILS is the best you can buy so i know i wont have any trouble.
Pocatello, ID
 Nils hand auger
Pros: Functional, Durable, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: This is the best hand auger I have ever seen!
the flag runner
central Maine
 everything that its supposed to be
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: this nils hand auger is so easy to use that I got rid of my heavy power auger.
Orange, VT
 Best there is!
Pros: Durable, Cuts fast, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Headline explains it all... Doesn't get any better!
Out of stock?
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Durable
Cons: Auger heads sold out
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: There is nothing better at drilling in the ice than a Nils USA hand auger. But after 4 years of success, I am having a hard time getting a 2nd head or getting my original head sharpened. How such a successful product could sell out is beyond me. Someone should be fired due to lost income for this Nils product!
Rocket Rod
 nils 4.5 hand auger
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Mississippi River back water ice fishing. Very light to carry,drill many holes with ease. Best hand auger I've EVER OWNED PERIOD.
the Big Hollander
Rockford Michigan
 I can't imagine this auger wearing out!!
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Light Weight, Very well made, Easy To Maintain, Functional
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I would buy another one but I doubt I will have to unless it's for someone else
Rochester Mn
You wont regret buying this
Pros: Functional
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Best auger ever!
Bridgeport , NY
Professional Angler
 Best auger
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Durable
Cons: My friends are JELOUS
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Great auger. Hands down top quality.
Professional Angler
 Worth the price
Pros: Functional, Easy To Use, Durable
Cons: Poor cover design
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: This drill beats all the other junk out there hands down! Good ice fishing investment.
Easthampton, MA
 Very light
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: This is my go-to early ice auger. Also for hiking in to those backwoods ponds. Very light, easy to use, cuts ice like buttah!!
Lono Tip Down
Stevens Point, WI
Pros: Functional
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: A great hand auger. Little effort needed to go through ice like a hot knife through warm butter. Well worth the dollars. My next power auger will be this brand. If you want a serious hand auger, this is it.
South Central, CT
 The best Ive used.
Pros: Great Design, Durable, Easy To Use
Cons: Heavy
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: The best auger Ive ever used. Worth the price. Very easy to drill. It starts itself without excessive force and cuts fast.
Ol' Pete
Rochester, IN
 My new favorite ice fishing tool!
Pros: Easy To Use, Great Design, I'm 72 and outdrill all, Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: I used to get all sweaty drilling an ice hole. Now I drill holes just to see how deep the ice is! It is so easy! I bought a spare cutting head immediately in case the one I am using gets dull. No sign of that! I use it for wood cutting to see if the ice is thick enough to sled the wood across the ice. I harvest the firewood on a friendly farmer's land across the lake from me.
Green Bay, WI
The only drawback
Pros: Lightweight, Easy To Use
Comments: I bought the 4.5" auger and was totally impressed with its performance. The only drawback is the lack of an adapter for a cordless drill. If an adapter was made for this I would sell my power auger and by an 8" Nils!!!!!
A 72 year old ice fisher LOVES his NILS
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Great Design, PAINLESS, Lightweight
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: This 72 year old arthritic ice fisherman has been looking for this auger for a long time! It does not hurt my shoulders and is really easy to use! LOVE IT!
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Great Hand Auger
Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Versatile, Easy To Use, Great Design
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Best hand auger I've ever used. My buddy and I fished northern Wisconsin with 36" of ice and I was very impressed with how quickly it cut holes. Even with an injured shoulder it was easy to drill. I can't recommend it enough. My buddy had to buy one after he used mine. It cut so easy & fast I really don't think you need a power head (unless you want to spend the money).
Capt. John
Berkshire ice
Professional Angler
 Trust Me
Pros: Easy To Use, Great Design, Durable, Lightweight
Comments: trust me. You don't have to look further. The Nils Master 8" hand ice auger is perfect. It is light and easy to use. It cuts through 12 inches of ice in about 20 to 30 seconds....depending on your "enthusiasm". You can also purchase a powerhead although I did not because I don't like the noise factor. There are no negatives to this product. Buy it and enjoy a nice 8" hole to jig or set type.
upstate N.Y.
 The only one you will ever need
Pros: Versatile
Comments: The nils hand auger cuts the ice like butter no effort at all to use and really no need for the gas auger.I can drill a hole allmost as fast as my buddy with his gas auger and with out the weight.You will be really impressed with the nils hand or gas.
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