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Nils Master Jigger 3 Lures feature a specially designed body shape and swimming action perfect for both open water and ice fishing jigging techniques. With the slightest twitch of the rod tip the Jigger darts like a live bait fish. The rear tail fin gives these lures a circular swimming motion when jigged. Each lure is individually tank tested and hand-tuned before packaging.

Each package contains one lure.


Nils Master Jigger 3 Lures
Customer Reviews
United States
 Great Lure
Pros: Heavy for deeper water, Swims light
Cons: swim fin prone to breakage
Comments: I like the heavy weight of this lure. I fish 30-40ft depths for Walleye. Although heavy its swims very nice. I landed 3 walleye my first morning after I received it. That night I set the hook on a nice fish and PING.... Should have cut and retied my leader. Ordered some more as soon as I got home! Only draw back is the fin is JUST like the rapala that is prone to break.
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