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Nature Vision Pak Shack Ice Shelter

Nature Vision
Pak Shack Ice Shelter

Pak Shack Ice Shelter Close Out! 20% Off Nature Vision Pak Shack Ice Shelter! Regular $99.95, now $79.95. Limited to stock in inventory.

The Pak Shack from Nature Vision represents an entirely new genre of ice fishing gear tailored to meet the needs of ice anglers anywhere. The Pak Shack caters to budget-minded ice anglers. Not everyone owns a big truck, ATV or snowmobile. Not all areas harbor ice thick enough to drive a truck on. And many anglers live in areas where lakes remain frozen for only a short period each winter.

The Pak Shack is a super comfortable, roomy, yet packable ice shelter that sets up in seconds and stows neatly into a shoulder bag. The Pak Shack even fits easily into the trunk of a small car. This is an ice shelter that is valuable for hardcore and part-time ice anglers alike.

Listed below are the specifications for this shelter:
  • One-step flip-over design
  • Built-in oversized super comfortable fishing chair with dual beverage/tackle holders
  • Lightweight and totally collapsible—packs into a shoulder bag (included)
  • Black fabric absorbs solar heat for warmth inside—also works great for "sight-fishing"
  • Heavy duty zippered enclosures
  • Ample interior space for fishing and electronics
  • Fits easily into the trunk of a small car
Please note that all Pak Shack Ice Shelters carry a $10.00 Oversize UPS shipping upcharge. This upcharge can be reviewed when checking out, prior to placing your order.

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Review Summary
(11 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.54%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (10)
Functional (6)
Easy To Use (5)
Lightweight (2)
Durable (2)
Easy To Maintain (2)
Poor Construction (3)
Difficult To Use (2)
Serves No Purpose (2)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (3)
Traveling (3)
Freshwater Fishing (2)
Ice fishing (2)
Ice Fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
Seaton IL
 I like it!
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Traveling, Ice Fishing
Comments: I like mine. Its servers its pourpose. Heats up nicely, and holds it well. The materal could be thicker. The guard came off the auger and cut a slit in the top. Turns out to work in my favor, ventalation.
twin cities, mn
 special use item
Pros: Easy To Use
Cons: No ventilation
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Light weight, able to carry in to that small lake. Use an "ice screw" to keep it in position in windy conditions, there is a tether provided. Not an otter- which I have also-but with a couple of tip-ups it can be a very usefull shelter. I added ventilation openings so I can use a heater but on a sunny day its pretty good without.
big matt
New Jersey/ New York
 not a good product at all
Pros: Sucks
Cons: Difficult To Use, Serves No Purpose, Sucks, Poor Construction
Comments: this product is the worst i ever seen.. i got one and had nothing but trouble with it. not enough room,flimsy, and just not a good product.
throw your $ in the garbage now!!!!!!
Pros: No good qualaties
Cons: Unstable, Cant use a heater, No room 4 vexilar, Poor Construction, Sitting 2 far back, Serves No Purpose
Best Uses: leaving it on display
Comments: when ever u go ice fishing u can count on the wind being there.this shak is unbelievably weak!!just went out for some pickies,limited out!great day on the ice but the pak shak ruined my day!! 15 km winds and i was strugling to keep the shak on the ice.i went to go and get my minnow rod out of my sled when my weak pak shak blew over in 15km winds and lost 2 rods down the hole!!!!2 rods!!!!i managed to hook one by the bail of the reel. extremely lucky considerind i was ice fishing on a local river in 15 feet of water where there is a good current flow.i thought i had a picky on but it ended up being my favourite rod!i would not recommend this hut to any serious ice angler who loves to spend the day on the ice,it will end your day before it has even started!!!! believe me,please.REMEBER, WE DON'T FISH FOR A LIVING, WE LIVE TO FISH!! GOOD LUCK!!!
Rochester N.Y
Pros: Functional, Easy To Maintain, Keep's you warm, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Easy to use, doesnt take up alotta room. Keep's the wind out..
 I would recommend
Pros: Easy To Use, Functional
Cons: Should add anchors thru
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I had LOW expectations. Took it out in about 15-20MPH wind - worked great. Make sure back of chair is facing into wind. Only used once, hardware looks a little chinsey. Carrying bag needs a little help. Some screw anchors thru feet would be key. Paid [$] new. Worth it.
orange, NH
 pak shack 3 real wind problems
Pros: Functional
Cons: Poor Construction
Best Uses: Traveling
Comments: We can pack in my jet sled. Manufacture or designer take note: wind is usually blowing and to place a rubber tube in the flip over is insane. Bend a piece of conduit to fit and maybe this may work? I have not tried it yet? you might try to add a piece of spring steel to the braces large enough to slid down to hold the front down. The company should recall these units and fix this major flaw.
[*] Slayer
St Paul, Minnesota
 Well worth the money
Pros: Easy To Use, Durable, Functional
Cons: Lack of vents
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Traveling
Comments: This is a great product
Pros: Functional
Cons: Difficult To Use
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Can,t use in wind, impossible. But with some fabrication and about $40.00 you can make it work in the wind. "i live in Wyoming". I sewed in patches of denim in 8 places around the bottom, i then put in 8 3/8in. grometts. I used 8 ox4-15/16 screw hooks for anchors,i also used a cordless drill for pilot holes. I then made a skeleton frame out of 1 inch pvc. It worked quit well and was usable in windy conditions.
this is junk.
Pros: Lightweight
Cons: Wears Out Quickly
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
Comments: I have built many shelters in my lifetime. This one might be a good idea for the short side but it will not last. If you want a good idea for shelters drop me a note at [@]
the pack shack attack
Pros: Warm, Comfortable, Easy, Lightweight, Durable, Versatile
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Rain shelter anytime, Ice fishing
Comments: This little pak shack is so easy to use the comfort is great.Keeping warm in it is the greatest asset it breaks the wind and heats up inside fast and seals against the ice all you need to know is how to fish the pak shack has the rest covered.
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