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Mustad TG76BLN Ultra Point Kevin Van Dam Elite Treble Hooks feature an opti-angle needle points which are chemically sharpened for superior penetration. These 2x short, 1x strong treble hooks are great replacements for standard hooks found on crankbaits, jerkbaits and virtually any lure with trebles. Kevin Van Dam and Mustad developed these hooks for the toughest fishing conditions. The advanced hook design ensures a 100%, full power hookset with the TG76BLN.

These high end hooks are perfect for any drop shot application and are engineered for optimal drop shot presentation and performance.

Features of Mustad TG76BLN Ultra Point KVD Elite Treble Hooks include:

  • Opti-angle needle point
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Nor-tempered and forged
  • 2x short, 1x strong
  • Wide gaps
  • Black nickel finish

Each package contains 11 hooks.

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Customer Reviews
West Michigan
 Stay hooked
Pros: Very sharp
Best Uses: Blade baits
Comments: I purchased these to use in homemade blade bait similar to Heddon Sonar. The short shank cuts down the amount of times lure gets fouled on the line. I have landed 27 walleyes and bass without a loss so far. Wish they where available in 25 packs.
Denham Springs, Louisiana
Professional Angler
 Kvd triple grip short shank
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Deep Water, Shore Casting, Salt Water, Fresh Water
Comments: The hooks are my go to. Long gone are the days of lost opportunity due to hooks
Brooklyn, NY
 Spells "TROUBLE" for Mr. Bass
Pros: Strong, Higher hookup percentage
Best Uses: Deep Water, Shore Casting, Salt Water, Fresh Water, Trolling, Jigging
Comments: This hook is awesome in my opinion. I changed all of my crankbaits and jigging spoons standard hooks to the Ultra-Point KVD Elite Treble Hook. Whether on shallow runner or deep running crankbaits my hookup percentage has increased dramatically. These hooks are super sharp and super strong. The short shank allows me to cast a bait right into heavy cover that I normally would not attempt with traditional hooks. This allows me to crank the bait and bump into stumps, logs, and rocks to get that reaction strike that I am looking for. This hook is super sharp right out of the box and that allows for great penetration at hook set. The angle of the hook point also keeps the fish on and gets em to the boat. I really like the fact that I can run a bigger size hook than the standard issue on commercial crank baits, and it does not effect the action at all. Thanks Mustad for helping make me a winner!
Cooperstown, NY
 Great Hooks!
Pros: Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Trolling, Ice Fishing, Jigging, Deep Water
Comments: These are some sticky hooks! Very sharp points. I use them on all my lake trout jigs, they have performed very well for me.
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