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Mustad Signature Series R50XNP-BR
Barbless Dry Fly Hooks

Mustad SignatureMustad Signature Series R50XNP-BR Barbless Dry Fly Hooks offer modern anglers unparalleled sharpness and strength as well as exact proportional consistency. The R50XNP-BR Barbless Dry Fly hook is a "premium" chemically-sharpened hook with standard wire and a standard shank length. These hooks have replaced Mustad's original 94845 barbless dry fly hook.

The R50XNP-BR features the following characteristics:
  • Forged
  • Round bend
  • Chemically sharpened Signature point
  • Standard wire
  • Standard length
  • Down-turned tapered eye
  • Bronzed finish
Available sizes: 10 - 18

Each package contains 25 hooks.

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Great Bargain
About Me:
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These hooks are a bargain. When you consider how frequently a small fly can become snagged while flipping it through the air in and around brush and branches all day and how easily 6X tippet can break, it's great to be able to find a well-priced hook to tie up a couple dozen flies for a fraction of the price of buying them already tied at the store. I'd buy again - sharp and durable.
Pros: good price
Cons: None Specified
Best Uses: None Specified