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Mustad 92158-BR Classic Beak Hooks feature a one slice short shank with a tapered up turned eye, curved point, reverse offset, and a bronze finish for added corrosion resistance. These hooks are great for salmon and steelhead fishing with eggs sacs, roe and skien.

Features of the Mustad 92158-BR Classic Beak Hooks include:

  • 2X Strong
  • Extra short shank with one slice
  • Forged
  • Turned up tapered eye
  • Bronze finish

Each package contains 50 hooks.

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Camas, WA
About Me:
I have been using Mustad hooks since I got my first real job and didn't have to swipe them from my Dad. I kind of got out of Steelhead fishing for a while and was totally shocked when I priced them again. I found a box in an old tackle box that I bought 15 years ago for $3.95 for 50 hooks. These came from a small town sporting goods store. I feel $6.95 for 8 hooks is too much. When this box are gone, I'll find a different brand or learn a new egg knot. I like to drift fish, so my weight and bait are always on the bottom. It is snaggy at times and could get quite expensive with the price of Mustads. Don't get me wrong they are good hooks and I've caught a lot of fish on them, I don't think they are worth theprice.
Pros: Good quality, Strong, Bronze color, Barb on the back of the hook shank, Reasonably sharp out of the box
Cons: High price
Best Uses: Fishing with Salmon eggs or Roe sacks
Mustad 92158-BR Classic Beak Hook
Grants Pass Oregon
About Me:
I have been using Mustad hooks for over 40 years. Strong hook that will not bend while fighting a fish. Barb holds a steelhead from take to the bank. I believe this has been and will always be the best hook setup for fishing steelhead and salmon.
Pros: none
Cons: none
Best Uses: Steelhead bait hook
Great for trout , Steelhead
About Me:
I purchased 2 boxes a size 4 (steelhead)and a size 8(trout) .I can use therese for Eggs and Bait. Like the color that is Black Great price and quality. Box of 50 should carry me for a few years
Pros: Quality, sharpness, Black color
Cons: Nothing
Best Uses: Steelhead, trout, Bait fishing and Salmon egg ussage
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