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Moose Body Hair is one of the best dry fly and nymph tailing materials available. It is a stiff, straight, primarily dark colored hair with a glossy appearance and a medium texture. The hair is attached to the hide and is primarily black to dark brown in color with some tan and white hairs thrown into the mix. The moose body hair, measuring approximately 2 1/2" long, is shorter than the mane but still makes very nice wings on medium to small dry flies. Moose body hair stacks quickly and easily making it perfect for humpies, wulffs and salmon patterns where a dark wing is desired. It is also commonly used on larger bullet head style salmon flies.

Each package contains approximately 3 square inches of material.

This is a natural product so there is some minor variation in color from piece to piece.

Customer Reviews
Houston, TX
 Great tails
Pros: Great for straight even dry fly tails
Best Uses: Tails
Comments: Dry fly recipies I'm using call for Moose body hair for tails. Looks great, easy to stack.
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