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Mini-Trap by Bill Lewis Lures

Closeout! 15% Off All Remaining Mini-Traps by Bill Lewis Lures! Regular Price $5.25, Now $4.45! Supplies Are Limited. If one of these items show out of stock in your basket please remove it or it will be removed from your order and the total will be adjusted. Thank you.

The Mini-Trap by Bill Lewis Lures is little brother to the legendary Rat-L-Trap. This lure is effective when fish are feeding on smaller forage. This little lure is deadly for large and smallmouth bass and many saltwater gamefish species.

With its fleeing baitfish, rattle swimming action and realistic baitfish finishes the Mini-Trap, like the Rat-L-Trap is a lure fish simply can't resist. Features include Dura-Shell finishes and Eagle Claw Set-Lok treble hooks. The Dura-Shell hard coat finish ensures a long lasting paint job that will stand up to the toughest fish. The treble hooks, made for the Mini-Trap exclusively by Eagle Claw, will keep that trophy holding on.

Additional features of these baits include the following:



  • Premium Eagle Claw treble hooks
  • Internal rattle mechanism
  • Dura-Shell finishes
  • 1/4 oz. sinking hardbait
  • 2 1/2" length
  • Fleeing baitfish action
  • High quality split rings

Below are the colors we offer in the Mini-Trap lure.

Chrome/Black BackChrome/Blue Back 
Black Back
Green Back


Customer Reviews
Robert E
Bulverde, TX
 Great lure
Pros: Excellent bait for active, Looks Realistic, Irresistible to Fish, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Fresh Water
Comments: This is a great bait for white bass and schooling largemouths fished on ultralight tackle.
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