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McNett Aquaseal Repair Adhesives are great for repairing waders and materials, including breathable and neoprene waders.

Choose from the following McNett Aquaseal Repair Adhesives:

  • McNett Aquaseal Urethane Repair Adhesive - includes one 3/4 oz. tube plus instructions - repairs all types of waders and materials, including breathable and neoprene waders. This sealant provides superior adhesion, wear resistance, flexibility and waterproofing. Aquaseal features a highly concentrated formula, providing a thick layer to repairs with minimal adhesive shrinkage. One application to waders provides a permanent waterproof patch.

  • McNett Aquaseal UV Cure Repair Adhesive - includes one 1/4 oz. tube plus instructions - repairs all types of waders and materials in the same way as the Urethane sealant with the addition of UV curing, which enables you to perform streamside wader repairs. A few seconds of exposure to the sun or to a mini UV lamp and the wader patch is cured. One application to waders provides a permanent waterproof patch.

  • McNett Aquaseal Urethane & Cotol-240 - includes one 3/4 oz. tube of Urethane and one 1/2 oz. bottle of Cotol-240 plus one applicator brush and instructions - Aquaseal Urethane repairs tears and rips in dive equipment and watersports gear. Cotol-240 improves those repairs by cleaning the surface and speeding dry time to two hours.
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Neoprene and breathable waders (2)

Customer Reviews
stockton, CA
Avid Angler
 won`t leave home without it
Pros: It works great, rubber feel, Strong
Cons: None
Best Uses: fixing waders, fixing innertubes, floatube fixes, boot repair
Comments: Love this stuff . I ordered 2 tubes and they work on my waders and my rubber work boots. I also use it on my swim tube so I can float down our California streams with water we still have
stockton, CA
 Trusted and true repairs
Pros: Strong durable
Cons: smell
Best Uses: Neoprene and breathable waders
Comments: Had a hole in my waders and fixed them with Aqua seal. simple and true. had to wait a day to two for it to dri completely , but once dried they keep me drier and it had been a month since the repair and i've worm my same waders 6 times with out even a leak
Rock Hill, NY
 The best
Pros: It works great
Cons: Second time useage is challenging.
Best Uses: Neoprene and breathable waders
Comments: This is THE product to repair a leak in your waders. Easy to apply and it remains flexible and dependable as long as you have the waders. My only gripe is after you use it one time the tube opening gets easily clogged shut. I used a dab of Vaseline around the threads of the tube head to prevent the cap from getting glued stuck.
Southern Indiana
Pros: It works!
Comments: I have used this product a couple of time over the years. Once for a silver dollar size hole in neoprene waders, It worked great. This time I bought a couple tubes one to repair a cut in the rubber boot portion of my waders. And then I used the rest to cover all of my seams. Not that they were leaking there but just for some preventative maintinance. A little tip I dilute with a little thinner and use some acid brushes to give the seams some good uniform coverage.
 Works as advertised
Pros: Durable
Comments: Patched a hole in the heal of my neoprene waders
 great stuff!!!!
Pros: Waterproof, Strong durable, Durable
Comments: great stuff, tuff and durable yet flexible and completely seals waders. I was amazed!!!
Western NY
 Seals up wader leaks
Pros: Durable, Waterproof
Cons: Hardens in tube
Comments: I've used this to repair worn/porous areas (not rips) in my breathable waders and it works well. The only negative is I have to buy a new tube whenever I need it because it hardens in the tube on the shelf after it's opened.
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