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MaxxDry SD Simple Boot & Shoe Dryer

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Item #: F952670003

The MaxxDry SD Simple Boot & Shoe Dryer makes drying your footwear easy! Thermal convection (naturally rising warm air) helps to remove dampness, sweat and any odors that might be lingering on any type of shoe or boot. With absolutely zero moving parts, this dryer works in complete silence as it dries your rain or sweat-soaked shoes. It is ideal for use during the night while you sleep, allowing you to start your day with warm, comfortable feet. Using minimal watts to get the job done, the MaxxDry SD Simple Boot & Shoe Dryer is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly tool that will get the job done!

Features of the MaxxDry SD Simple Boot & Shoe Dryer include:

  • Dries shoes and boots up to 10 inches tall
  • Warms footwear in minutes
  • Zero moving parts
  • Heats to 105 degrees farenheit
  • Will not damage leathers, fabrics, or other materials
  • Reduces odors caused by bacteria that live in perspiration
  • Extends the life of footwear
Customer Reviews
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
 Extremely quiet (from prior model)
Pros: Good circulation of warmth.
Cons: No shut off
Comments: Boot dryer works well for my ice fishing boots. I leave them on the machine until I need them. No problems. They feel warm and dry to the touch.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
 Smelly, but it works (from prior model)
Comments: I bought this for my dad at his request. He does like it and it seems to work just fine. My only issue with it is that it smells kind of like a dead fish while it's running. As long as you keep it in a low-traffic area of your home or in a garage/breezeway, it's not really a problem. I've not used other boot dryers, so I'm not sure how the smell compares to other models.
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