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Matzuo Sabiki Rigs are great for catching multiple baitfish at one time. Each Sabiki Rig features six single hooks dressed in reflective mylar and real fish skin. Tied with quality monofilament line, these rigs feature a top barrel swivel to connect to your mainline and a bottom snap swivel to connect a sinker.

Each package contains six rigs.

Baiter Up
South Carolina
About Me:
Due to shoulder problems I couldnt throw a cast net and was forced to catch bait with rod and reel. Being a catfish guide there was times I needed bait fast and these rigs were the ticket. Best thing is when I started asking my clients if they would like to go and catch bait with me. When they stsrted pulling up 2-6 bait at a time they didnt want to leave. You do have to be careful with younger kids because these hook catch everyhing and get caught in everything. I try to set them apart or even taake the rigs off when not in use.
Pros: Sharp hooks, 6 hooks, Swivel at both ends, Makes catching bait fun, Different sizes
Cons: Will hook more than fish
Best Uses: Clients have fun, Wife likes, Entertain the kids, Catching bait fast
Nice rigs Matzuo Sabiki Rigs
About Me:
Nice just what I needed for picking up some live bait!!
Pros: none
Cons: none
Best Uses: none
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