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Matzuo Rattle Eye Joe Lures have a precisely weighted body with a tight vibrating action. These baits sink with a tantalizing horizontal fall and engage into a head down wiggle upon retrieve. Rattle Eye Joe lures are excellent for covering large areas of water quickly and are superb baits for early spring and fall fishing situations. These versatile baits allow you to fish shallow or deep and is highly productive for multiple species.

Matzuo Rattle Eye Joe Lures feature bright, prismatic finishes, durable contoured body with detailed gills, and internal rattles for resonating attraction. These lures are also equipped with realistic 3D eyes and Matzuo black and red chrome treble hooks with stainless steel split rings.


Matzuo Rattle Eye Joe Lures
Treble Hooks
MREJ27/80 - 61/4Two
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Customer Reviews
Windsor CO
 Awsome product
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish
Cons: Bent Hooks Before, only because the Wipers were over 11lbs
Best Uses: Bass
Comments: They sure hit it right with the Rattle Eye Joe, it is a sure thing for Lg Mouth Bass, Wipers, Walleye, and even large Crappie.
Greece, NY
 Good Ratteler
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Strong
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: Have been catching alot of pike with this lure.
Swanton , OH. USA
 I bought them all !!!
Cons: Broke Hooks Before
Comments: This lure is best used trolling 50 feet behind the boat at 1.5 mph in Canadian inland lakes , it is versital , can be casted too .It will catch large muskie , pike , and waleye . The only problem I ever have is getting it out of a large fishes mouth , or a broken hook from the assault .
The Colonel
Windsor, Colorado
 Great lure, never misses
Pros: Looks Realistic, Irresistible to Fish
Best Uses: Trolling, Fresh Water
Comments: Great lure, works every time.
North Florida
The hottest rattle bait in my box
Pros: Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish, Irresistible to Fish, Easy To Handle, Looks Realistic
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Bass inhale it when ripping out of the grass. Won two tournaments on them this fall
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