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Matzuo Nano Deep Divers are little lures with big fish catching appeal. These versatile mini-baits are designed to mimic smaller bite-sized baitfish and promote powerful strike responses from trout, perch, panfish, and bass. Nano Deep Diver lures are sure to be a favorite among ultra-light fishermen.

Nano Deep Divers feature lifelike 3D eyes, highly reflective prism finish, and quality black-chrome Matzuo treble hooks. These lures have been delicately weighed and balanced to provide optimal action whether casting, twitching, or trolling. All methods will display the tight wiggle action of this bait. Floats at rest and dives when in motion.

Each package contains one lure.


Matzuo Nano Deep Divers
Treble Hooks
NDM41 3/40 - 41/8Two
Customer Reviews
Erie, PA
 Top trout producer spring 2015
Pros: Swim slightly deeper than the standard Nano Minnow, Trout hammer them, Look realistic, Realistic swimming/darting, Good finish/hooks
Cons: Use with light lines means more lost lures, May need slight adjustment to run true
Best Uses: Trout
Comments: Hammered trout all spring in PA with these. Run slightly deeper than the standard Nano Minnow so best use in higher water and cold water when fish are hugging the stream bed. Emerald Shiner and Shiner colors look very realistic. Also did well on White Satin and Gold/Black colors. Did lose several due to light line and snags, but at $3.95 ea. I'll donate a few lure in exchange for good fishing.
Lodi, CA
Advanced Angler
 Fantastic size
Pros: Size
Cons: More colors
Comments: These are Great for when you need a Very small presentation they have a great retrieve
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