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Matzuo Model 143 Sickle X-Wide Gap Hooks are for the fisherman who wants a deep bite. The space from the point to the shank is wider than the standard hook and is built from a high carbon wire and finished with a needle point.

Matzuo Hooks are crafted from high grade, high carbon steel giving these hooks great strength. Matzuo's patented Sickle design creates a unique bend that strengthens the hook and allows for thinner materials to be used during construction. These hooks have greater penetration and holding power than similar standard bend hooks. All Matzuo hooks feature protective finishes, needle points and undergo strict quality control standards.

Features of the Matzuo Model 143 Sickle X-Wide Gap Worm Hooks include:

  • Forged construction
  • Sickle bend
  • Wide hook gaps
  • Ring eye
  • Needle point
  • Black Chrome finish

Each package contains 25 hooks.

Customer Reviews
Avid Angler
sharp hooks ggreat customer service
Comments: I bought two of the 25 hook bulk packs and found the hooks very sharp and sticky fish didnt throw them as easy as some others. I liked the way worms stayed positioned and ddid not slide around. The real stars were FishUSA customer service. although I liked the hooks I was able to use I recieved a defected set of hook packs many hooks had the eye cut off or there was just a square where the eye should be. I wrote FishUSA trying to get ahold of Matzuo company to tell them about there hooks I explained my problem and FishUSA shipped me two new packs of hooks without question or the need to return the defect hooks. I recieved my new hooks in just a couple days I did not even know they were sending them, they just showed up in my mailbox. Thank You FishUSA
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