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Matzuo Model 141 Sickle Octopus Hooks are used for Salmon, Steelhead, or Walleye applications. Designed with an up eye and offset needle point, these are great hooks, both in smaller sizes for fresh water and in larger sizes in saltwater. These are the hooks of choice for rigging both fresh and saltwater rigs.

Matzuo hooks are crafted from high grade, high carbon steel giving these hooks great strength. Matzuo's patented Sickle design creates a unique bend that strengthens the hook and allows for thinner materials to be used during construction. These hooks have greater penetration and holding power than similar standard bend hooks. All Matzuo hooks feature protective finishes, needle points and undergo strict quality control standards.

Features of the Matzuo Model 141 Sickle Octopus Hooks include:

  • Forged construction
  • Sickle bend
  • Up eye
  • Needle point
  • Black chrome finish

Each package contains 25 hooks.

My Favorite Wacky Hook
About Me:
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This Matzuo hook works better for wacky jigging than any other hook I have tried. Its razor sharp and the bend fits worms quite well. I also find this hook stays pinned better than comparable Mustads, Gamakstu, or Eagle Claws. Plus, they got a great price. I don't think you will be disappointed with this hook.
Pros: Sharp, value, Strong
Cons: None Specified
Best Uses: None Specified
Decent hook for the price
B.C., Canada
About Me:
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Hooks start sharp but dull easily
Pros: value
Cons: dull easily
Best Uses: None Specified
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