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Color: Black Chrome
Color: Red Chrome
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Color: Black Chrome
Color: Red Chrome

Matzuo hooks are crafted from high grade, high carbon steel giving these hooks great strength. Matzuo's patented Sickle design creates a unique bend that strengthens the hook and allows for thinner materials to be used during construction. These hooks have greater penetration and holding power than similar standard bend hooks. All Matzuo hooks feature protective finishes, needle points and undergo strict quality control standards.

Features of the Matzuo Model 141 Sickle Octopus Hooks include:

  • Forged
  • Sickle bend
  • Up eye
  • Black Chrome or Red Chrome finish
  • Needle point

Each package contains 10 hooks except size 1/0 which contains eight hooks.

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Trolling (3)
Fresh Water (2)
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Customer Reviews
Pros: high hookup ratio
Comments: Great for Largemouth and smallmouth, use them on wacky rigs and I have an incredibly high hookup ratio with them.
 Kokanee hooks
Comments: Very sharp hooks used for tying hoochie rigs
Seattle WA
Superior hold
Pros: Superior hold barbless
Cons: rust easily if not rinsed regularly
Best Uses: trolling for all 5 salmon species in salt, mooching, metal jigs
Comments: I use sickle hooks for trolling here in puget sound. We have to fish barbless up here and I have found the sickle design really holds fish well when barbless. I can't speak to how well the fish see them in the water (I figure at 120' light diffusion takes care of that) but I do feel confident when the the rod pops off the downrigger, as long as I play the fish well, the sickle hooks will land it. Never had a king over 28lbs on the sickle design, but it didn't bend. My only complaint is that they do rust easily, especially if you resharpen often, I have found a quick spritz of laquer to start and filling in the sharpened area with a sharpie pen prolongs life a little bit. I hope one day they make this hook design in a stainless steel version.
Portland Oregon
 the hooks that stick!!!
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle, Irresistible to Fish, Strong
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Trolling, Shore Casting
Comments: I use these hooks on all of my lures.
Newport Oregon
 Don't be afraid of to sharp
Pros: Super sticky sharpe
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: The best for fast, deep penetrating hoohup's. The best Kokanee hook around.
Spokane WA
 great product
Pros: Fish Don't Escape
Best Uses: Deep Water, Salt Water, Trolling, Fresh Water, Jigging, Shore Casting, Ice Fishing
Comments: used them to replace all my salmon and syeelhead hooks they are really hard to see in the water!!!
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