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Matzuo Model 140 Sickle Baitholder Hooks - Red Chrome

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Item #: F52119031
This product is no longer available.

Please consider our similar products, or contact us for available options.

Matzuo hooks are crafted from high grade, high carbon steel giving these hooks great strength. Matzuo's patented Sickle design creates a unique bend that strengthens the hook and allows for thinner materials to be used during construction. These hooks have greater penetration and holding power than similar standard bend hooks. All Matzuo hooks feature protective finishes, needle points and undergo strict quality control standards.

Features of the Matzuo Model 140 Sickle Baitholder Hooks include:

  • Forged
  • Sickle bend
  • Red chrome finish
  • Needle point
  • Two baitholder slices

Each package contains 10 hooks.

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