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Mason Redicore Trolling Line

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Item #: F51054021

Mason Redicore Trolling Line is a line for deep water trolling. This lead core trolling line is easy to use because it is pre-tied and pre-rigged. First on the spool is 300 ft. of 20 lb. dacron backing, then either 150 ft. or 300 ft. of 27 lb. lead core line. Lastly on the spool is 50 ft. of 20 lb. T-line monofilament. The line is on the spool in the order it needs to go on your reel making it easy and convenient, no need to measure out backing or any other line. Mason Redicore Trolling Line is a complete deep water system which is ready to install on any reel and then hit the water.

Mason Redicore Trolling Line features tough, abrasion resistant braided nylon over a lead core to insure quick sinking. This line has specially dyed colors which change every ten yards so you can measure the length of line out and water depths. At 0.5 to 1.8 mph trolling speed, six ft. of lead core line out sinks one ft., meaning that ten yards, or one color, will sink five feet.

Mason Redicore Trolling Line is made in the U.S.A.

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