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Mason Downrigger Line Assembly is kink resistant, stainless steel, multistrand wire. This replacement downrigger cable comes pre-rigged with an extra heavy duty cast snap and swivel secured with steel collars.

We stock Mason Downrigger Line Assembly in 150 ft., 200 ft., and 300 ft. spools. Color is bright silver.

Mason Downrigger Line Assembly is made in the U.S.A.

Nice Downrigger Line
syracuse, ny
About Me:
Avid Angler
Diameter seems a little thicker than cannon downrigger line but the fish don't seem to mind. Although the package says kink resistant it will kink if you have any slack when spooling onto your downrigger. Keep it tight, use a friend to help!
Pros: comes in 300ft, affordable, durable
Cons: like all wire line it can kink
Best Uses: None Specified
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