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The Martin Mohawk River Multiplier MR72 Fly Reel is a two ball bearing, multiple action fly reel with a high speed 3:1 retrieve gear ratio. The Multiplier MR72 allows you to reel in slack fly line quickly, which is helpful if a hard charging fish such as a big trout or steelhead takes out a large amount of line and then changes direction. For each turn of the handle the spool turns three times.

The Martin Mohawk River Multiplier MR72 Fly Reel features high strength aluminum alloy spool, back and gear case and has an exclusive 360 degree floating drag system.

Features of the Martin Mohawk River Multiplier MR72 Fly Reel include:

  • Changeable to right or left retrieve
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Powerful, floating disc drag system
  • Long sculptured power handles
  • On/Off clicker
  • Soft reel bag included

Martin Mohawk River Multiplier MR72 Fly Reel
ModelGear RatioWeight (oz.)Line CapacityBearings
MR723:19.5WF8F/100 yds/20#2
Review Summary
(9 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.66%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (6)
Reliable (5)
Durable (4)
Smooth Reeling (3)
Smooth Drag System (2)
Line Doesn't Tangle (2)
Poor Construction (2)
Best Uses
Fly Fishing (6)
River Fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
Crick Fisher
Pulaski, NY
 Great reel for the money!
Pros: Fast retrieve, priced right.
Cons: No changable spool
Comments: I bought this reel to replace a Martin 72 that I have used for many years on the Salmon River. This reel feels stronger and lighter and works great for gaining alot of line in a hurry. Wish it had changable spools but for the price I'll just buy another for another rod.
Trout Slayer
Sandy River Plantation, Maine
Great for trolling!
Pros: Durable
Cons: Hard to keep line "level"
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: I got this as a gift paired with an LL Bean trolling series fly rod. Boy, what fun! I usually troll smelts with lead core on a 7 ft med-light action rod. Where I fish here in Maine is a small pond, a natural fishery and is loaded with trout and salmon! This rod and reel was soooo much fun fighting trout and salmon over the weekend!
 Who needs an expensive reel!
Pros: Reliable, Durable, Smooth Reeling, Smooth Drag System
Best Uses: River Fishing, Fly Fishing
Comments: For the price, this is a perfect reel for fishing salmon. No need to buy an expensive reel when this is still available.
Joe Dog Fishing
Lowell, MI
 Perfect for steelhead and salmon
Pros: Smooth Reeling, Reliable, Durable, Line Doesn't Tangle
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: Great reel for steelhead and salmon. I now own 5. Lots of line capacity and the 3:1 ratio helps control big fish.
Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland
 Excellent Product!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pros: Reliable
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: Have used the older version of this Martin's Fly Reel and delighted that I took a chance and ordered two to be sent to me here in Northern Ireland.Definitely an excellent product and can highly recommend both the product and [...]
Not worth half the retail.
Pros: Cannot speak of any pros
Cons: Poor Construction, Tangles Line, New spool removeal system, Hard To Maintain
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: I wanted to use this reel for trolling.The tolerances between the spool and casing would not allow me to use it like my older 72's. Line would fall between the spool and the sides. The tollerences in construction are very poor.The new spool removal system is worthless. The reel as a whole is not what I expect of the Martin Co. DougJr.
Sportsman Matt
Central MA
Professional Angler
 OK in some situations
Pros: Reliable
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: Bought this reel to use trolling flies, Teamed it up with a LL Bean Trolling Fly Rod. It works, the drag is one directional, and to get line out you need to release the drag fully to get a good fluid pull while casting, then reset the drag after letting the line you need out. It is heavy, the fish alert click system is a small plastic knob that rotates, looks like it should slide but it doesn't. I would say that I would compare this to a Pflueger Medalist as far as fit and finish, but feel that even at the low price from FishUSA it's still overpriced by $20-$30.
Pros: Smooth Drag System, Line Doesn't Tangle, Easy Casting, Reliable, Durable, Smooth Reeling
Best Uses: River Fishing, Fly Fishing, Ocean Fishing
Comments: If you are a fly fishermen like myself you cannot beat this product. I have used this type of reel from Martin for over 20 years. My last Martin reel i purchased was over 20 years ago and believe me it still works but i thought it was time for another. Please give it a try and you won't be disappointed.
southwest mich
 This reel could be a fantastic reel
Cons: Poor Construction, Difficult To Reel
Comments: This has alot of potential, the handle shaft where it meets the spool gear inside has way to much play between them i had to put a plastic sleeve over the shaft to get it to spin true, other wise the pool would tilt while cranking and bind against the frame and lock up tight ,i hope it is just mine because i would like to purchase another. Inspect yourself before purchase.
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