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Color: Marabou - Swatches
Color: Marabou
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Color: Marabou - Swatches
Color: Marabou



Marabou is a turkey body feather. It has a fluid, lifelike breathing action that makes it incredibly useful for fly tying. Marabou can be used for streamers, tails, bodies, throats, collars, wings, and backs.

Wooly Bugger Marabou has a shorter fiber and a larger, stiffer center shaft, making it a good choice for Wooly Buggers. It comes strung, in 18 ounce packages.

Strung Marabou has a longer fiber with a very fine center shaft, making it ideal for streamer wings and tailing on many streamers. Some tiers also use this style for Wooly Buggers. It comes strung, in 14 ounce packages.

Review Summary
(21 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.85%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (9), Casual/ Recreational (2), Professional (2), Beginner (2)
Easy To Use (9)
Functional (8)
Durable (7)
Easy To Maintain (5)
Well Dyed (2)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (13)
Salt Water (4)
Fly tying (2)

Customer Reviews
Avon Lake,ohio
 Fluffy Plumes
Pros: good quality
Best Uses: wolly buggers, streamers
Comments: Outstanding marabou,really nice puffy plumes,good quanity,beautiful colors,and 10 to choose from,you won't be disappointed.
Colorado Rich
Westminster, CO
 The Gang at Fish USA
Pros: Well Dyed
Comments: Hi Guys, Colorado Rich here, Just a quick note to the staff at Fish USA. The product is the product and will stand on it own merits. One item I ordered: the King Fisher Blue Marabou was difficult for me to find and Fish USA had plenty. Fresh, strong, and plentiful. However the point of this message is to highlight the staff at Fish USA. Multiple phone calls and different people on each phone call, all were enjoyable to talk to..It's nice to call and be received by enthusiastic, knowledgeable, friendly people. I'll be ringing you up soon as I'm in need of a new fly line. Thanks Again, Rich
 Nice Marabou
Comments: very good product!
Mount Pleasant, MI
 Great Product
Pros: Easy to use, life-like
Cons: Price, some feathers aren't the greatest quality
Comments: I've been using the marabou to tie up jigs for steelhead. Great product and life-like in the water.
New York
 Good Marabou
Comments: Gray colored marabou is difficult to find in my area, so I was pleased with this order that I will use to tie streamers for land-locked salmon.
 Nice product
Best Uses: Fly tying
Comments: Good for tying jigs and other flies.
Jay Dawg
Midland MI
Pros: Functional, Easy To Maintain, Durable, Easy To Use
Comments: Very durable.
just a fly fisher
 Ties Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: This product holds up well fish after fish after fish.
Professional Angler
 Great product
Pros: Easy To Maintain, Easy To Use, Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water, Traveling, Ice Fishing
Comments: Easy to use and store...
Indianapolis IN.
 top of the comes apart very easy
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water
Comments: It is strung marabou but comes apart very easy & no bad pcs.
LuleƄ, Sweden
 Have worked with better marabou.
Pros: Functional
Cons: Too fluffy, Poor Construction
Best Uses: Salt Water, Fresh Water
Comments: Not the best marabou but ok. Feels a little much fluffy.
Trout Flier
 Marabou not great for larger Buggers
Pros: Well Dyed, Clean, Consistent Size
Cons: Large Quill, Stiff Quill, Short
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Small Patterns
Comments: This marabou was purchased for use on Woolly Buggers, on size 6 through 10 hooks with shank length of 4X - 6X, requiring fairly long, free-moving marabou tail. I have had good results with other Wapsi products, and their marabou had good reviews on other sites, but has been a disappointment to me. The Wapsi marabou fibers are very flexible, but are fairly short, on a relatively heavy, stiff quill, which maintains it's curvature to near the end of the feather. This makes it poor for larger Buggers. However, it would be good for shorter tails on smaller hooks and where the ratio of tail to hook shank length is relatively small. Otherwise, the stiffer part of the quill end will come into play and won't allow the "tail" to move freely
 works well
Pros: Durable, Functional, Easy To Use, Easy To Maintain
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: haven't found any marabou i like better. wish they had bigger sized packs though
Greensburg, Pa
 Great Stuff. Very durable
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: great for tying wooly buggers!
 Good Marabou
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: What can I say, it is Wapsi Marabou - I have never found any I like better.
Buffalo, NY
 Nice Marabou
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Fly tying
Comments: Good amount. Exact color I needed.
Professional Angler
Pros: Full 1/4 oz., Easy To Use, Functional
Cons: fair dye @ feather shaft
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water
Comments: WAPSI marabou has good feather product here 1/4 OZ. strung.But found dye did not take to base/feather shaft where feathers were strung.
Maxime Chaineaux
Brout-Vernet, FRANCE
 Perfect Quality Marabou
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I made flies (boby-streamer...) for trouts. This marabou is perfect. High Quality. [...] Thank you FishUSA.COM
Jim or Taterbug
Tavares, FL.
 Have not used it yet, appears OK.
Pros: Functional
Cons: have not used it yet
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Have not used anything as yet, I am waiting to move to AR. to begin tying and using your products. I live in Fl. and do not fly fish here at all.
Steelhead Nut
Buffalo, NY
 No problems
Pros: Functional
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: Standard marabou for tying flies, jigs, etc. [...]. Have had no problems using it as of yet.
Pros: Lightweight, Versatile
Best Uses: Fly Fishing
Comments: A good product, for the beginner like me, I was very happy they explained the difference between the two styles as well.
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