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The Magic Products Preserved Chicken Livers are real chicken livers, preserved with natural colors and scents. These baits are great for catfish, which use their keen sense of smell to home in on prey.

These Preserved Chicken Livers come in 4 ounce resealable pouches for freshness and require no refrigeration. We carry these baits in Red/Anise (3690) and Yellow/Cheese (3691) color/scent combinations.

These Preserved Chicken Livers are 100% biodegradable.

Liver & Shad Catfish Bait
Sumter, SC
About Me:
Put the bait on a circle hook and it stayed on very well. Thought I might catch more than one fish in 3 hours. Will try it again soon.
Pros: Caugcht one nice fish
Cons: none at this time
Best Uses: none
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