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The Luhr Jensen Teespoon Spinners feature a unique design that allows it the ability to fish well at a wide range of troll speeds. The size 5 blade creates a strong vibration that is easily recognized by a fishes lateral line. The premium metallic and painted finishes provide added fish attracting excitement under any condition. Luhr Jensen Teespoon Spinners feature a built-in swivel to reduce line twist, highly visible t-bead bodies and a split ring for easy hook replacement. These spinners are ideal for all salmon trolling applications, but can also be cast or fished from a stationary position.

The Luhr Jensen Teespoon Spinners measure approximately 3" in length, this measurement includes the spinner body only and does not include the swivel or split ring and hook. The Luhr Jensen Teespoon Spinners are available in the colors shown below.

Luhr Jensen Rainbow Teespoon spinner
pacific northwest
About Me:
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This is a very effective spinner for northwest coastal Chinook Salmon. Changing the bead color to red makes this a far better spinner.
Pros: great spinner action
Cons: bead color
Best Uses: trolling
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