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Color: Brass/Gold Prism-Lite
Color: Brass/Red Head
Color: Brown Trout
Color: Chartreuse/Fire Dot
Color: Chrome/Blue Prism-Lite
Color: Copper/Red Head
Color: Fire/Silver Prism-Lite
Color: Frog
Color: Nickel/Red Head
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Chrome/Silver Prism-Lite
Color: Shiny Black/Fire Head
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Color: Brass/Gold Prism-Lite
Color: Brass/Red Head
Color: Brown Trout
Color: Chartreuse/Fire Dot
Color: Chrome/Blue Prism-Lite
Color: Copper/Red Head
Color: Fire/Silver Prism-Lite
Color: Frog
Color: Nickel/Red Head
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Chrome/Silver Prism-Lite
Color: Shiny Black/Fire Head

Luhr Jensen Super Duper Spoons


Luhr Jensen Super Duper Spoons are truly one-of-a-kind pieces, with an unconventional "U" shaped design that catches water and creates a swimming action game fish find irresistible. These lures are equally effective for lake trout, bass, and panfish whether cast or trolled on light line. A large selection of high quality finishes assures the Super Duper will perform on your local waters.

Features of Luhr Jensen Super Duper Spoons include:

  • Original U-shaped design
  • Top performance either casting or trolling
  • Great lure for trout, kokanee, bass, or panfish
  • Corrosion resistant finishes
  • Copper sizes 501 and 502 are stamped from genuine copper material. Other copper sizes are translucent copper paint

Luhr Jensen Super Duper Spoons
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I use for trout (3)
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Customer Reviews
Country Doctor
United States
 Finally found my dream lure
Pros: Natural movements
Best Uses: Pan fish
Comments: This lure is hard to find. Now I have them i can fish and get the big ones. Thanks
New Hampshire
 Trout Killer
Pros: I use for trout, Trolling, I use for trout
Best Uses: Trolling, Casting
Comments: I do a lot of trout fishing in New Hampshire and the Super Duper is my go-to lure for trolling for rainbows and browns. In the spring time, we flat line it straight out the back of the boat and vary our boat speed between 1 and 2mph. During the summer months when surface temps drive the trout into the thermocline, we use Big Jon mini discs using 12lbs test to the disc and a leader of 6lbs test Maxima between the disc and the lure. The Super Duper consistently out-fishes all my other spoons and streamers. It will also catch smallmouth bass. On a recent trip to Pittsburg, we limited out every day on Third Connecticut Lake using the brass redheads. This lure can also be cast, however you'll want the larger 1 1/4" to maximize your casting distance.
El Capitan Raul
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments: I been fishing for trout for 4yrs now and I have found a great place to buy my super dupers! This is such a great price and the lure itself. I have caught my limit in less than an 30-45min with this lure while others have been trying to catch there first one of the day for about half a day lol. Would I recommend this lure?! What kind of question is that? You bet your happy fish tale I do and this site as well! They ship your lures on time without any hassle. I bought 7 last week and got them in perfect condition oh and did I mention that they have the lowest price too?! I bought the silver ones and I am looking forward to buying a lot more from here soon...Thank you! -El Capitan Raul from Tulsa, Ok
Wise County (Coeburn) VA
 Superduper lures
Pros: I use for trout
Cons: they seem to love the blue ones best but thought I'd try the trout color
Comments: I bought 2 blue and 1 trout colored super-duper lures. Trout in our area are hot after the "blue" but everyday brings something new.
Missouri Fishermn
Advanced Angler
 Luhr Jensen Super Duper is Super Duper for Trout in Missouri
Pros: Good for Missouri Trout
Comments: Now the Super Duper is the lure I use 90 percent of the time when fishing for trout in Bennett Springs State Park in Missouri. One morning before a front, I caught and released 23 trout using a Frog Super Duper at Bennett Springs. Since then I have tried several colors. I probably catch 80 percent of my trout with the Fire/Silver Prism-Lite, but also use the Frog and Chartreuse/Fire Dot. I have found that the Fire/Silver Prism-Lite catches trout spring, summer, and fall at Bennett Springs. I usually use the 1-1/8" size but sometimes use the 1-1/4" because I can get it to the far bank of the river at Bennett Springs. When other fishermen are complaining the trout aren't biting I'm catching trout. Now I can always travel light and catch my limit every day with a pocket of Super Duper's. is the only place I can find some colors of the Super Duper. A couple other fishing mail order companies don't carry the colors that I've found work best for trout in Missouri's Bennett Springs State Park.
 A must have for trout anglers
Comments: I have used these lures for over 20 years in the New England area to consistently catch rainbow, brook, and brown trout. Learn to fish the action of these, and they will not disappoint. Fishusa service was exceptional and everything arrived as promised.
fish hunter 231
bradshaw wv
 great products would recommend to anyone
Pros: great lure
Comments: have ordered from fish usa several times always great products friendly service ordered several super dupers this time the frog & glossy black worked really great on wv rainbow trout.
Martinsburg, WV
 Super Dupers excellent trout lure.
Pros: Easy to use.
Comments: I have found the super duper lures produce the most trout of all lures. On one stream I fish the black super duper produced 98% of all fish I caught.
 Nice looking spoon
Pros: nice finish
Cons: none so far
Comments: I will be trying this spoon for landlock salmon in Maine. They should work great!
 Still Super
Pros: Good lure action
Comments: They work so well, I ordered more. Thanks FishUSA!
 Great Super Duper
Pros: Great action.
Comments: I have never fished a Super Duper lure until last week. Fished the 1-1/4" size and it worked great on the stocked rainbow trout. Caught my limit of trout in no time. The fish seems to love the action. Will make sure I always have one in my tackle box.
west virginia
 super duper
Comments: very good product caught trout first time out used the frog
New Carlisle, OH
 the super duper is a super Lure
Comments: I have fished the super duper for trout for many years. it seems to work when other lures quit producing. I think it is because you can fish it slower than most spinners. also its weight lets you cast it a long distance to give a iot of time to get the right action to trigger the strike. What fun it is when they hit the lure. sometimes they follow it all the way in before striking close to the end of the retreive. I recommend them highly. My favorite colors are the ones with the prism on them. Rick
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