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Luhr Jensen J-Plug Trolling Plug

The Luhr Jensen J-Plug is a trolling lure made of super-strong materials designed for maximum action and strength. The J-Plug has a free-sliding swivel chain rigging design. J-Plug finishes are designed specifically for deep water trolling and low light conditions. There is a special J-Plug finish available for any fishing situation, whether you're after salmon, lake trout, stripers, brown trout or other large game fish.

J-Plugs are effective because they project a basic minnow image in the water which all fish relate to in all water conditions. This is a basic, wounded minnow, fast darting action which comes from a combination of special swivel chain rigging and lure head chamber design. The precisely engineered tolerance between the rigging and head chamber allows the swivel chain to shift and reposition itself within the chamber. This constantly changes the plug's attitude and direction in the water and creates its fish-catching, erratic, darting action.

The swivel chain rigging also allows a direct rod to fish connection after the strike as the plug body will slide up the line, free of the chain and hook assembly and away from the fish. This eliminates head-shaking leverage against the plug body that causes many fish hooked with solid body-to-hook plugs to break free. Because the J-Plug is buoyant and separates from the hook assembly, it will float to the surface where it can be retrieved in the case of a line break or bottom snag.

We carry the Luhr Jensen "J-Plug" in size 4 (4 3/4") and offer it in the colors shown below.

Below are the descriptions of each color.


  • Cut Plug (0820):Silver/Fluorescent Red Head
  • Glo Ghost (0891):Glo/Black Tiger w/Sparkle
  • Gold Digger (0856):Gold/Fire Red Tiger and Tail
  • Ludington Watermelon (0208):Silver/Cerise Belly/Black Spots
  • Silver Bullet (0920)Chrome Silver
Cut Plug (0820)Glo Ghost (0891)
Cut Plug (0820)Glo Ghost (0891)
Gold Digger (0856)Ludington Watermelon (0208)Silver Bullet (0920)
Gold Digger (0856)Ludington
Watermelon (0208)
Silver Bullet (0920)

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Customer Reviews
angling rick
dinuba ca.
salmon j plug very
Pros: very easy to set up
Cons: needs single hook set up
Best Uses: ocean trolling for salmon
Comments: Love that gold colored digger
Comments: For salt water bass and blues - remove treble hooks and put on a single tru-turn hook
 Good Product
Pros: Irresistible to Fish
Best Uses: Trolling, Salt Water
Comments: Has the best wiggle of all salmon plugs.
[...]Fishing Team
Presque Isle, MI
 tried and true meatgetter
Pros: Easy To Store, Strong, Easy To Handle, Targets bigger fish
Cons: Colors need to expand
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: best when long lined in shallow water or off down riggers
 Works great in Lake Michigan
Pros: Irresistible to Fish
Best Uses: Trolling, Fresh Water
Comments: J-plugs are great for late summer salmon
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