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Luhr Jensen Hot Shot 5433 Lures - Size 60

Luhr Jensen Hot Shot Lures are self-planing, diving lures designed with a built-in deep-diving planing bill which makes it dive when pulled through the water - the faster they are pulled, the deeper they dive. These lures feature a compact body, high quality, 2X strong trebles, and quick, wide and aggressive action. Hot Shots have become a staple of steelhead, trout and salmon anglers alike.

Hot Shot Lures are primarily backtrolled for river steelhead and salmon. The smaller sizes are outstanding as trolling lures in lakes or drift-fished lures in streams for trout. For trout, fish them behind a lake troll or flat line them far behind the boat on lakes, cast them cross-current and allow them to swing through likely holding spots on rivers. "Tune" each lure for maximum success by making small adjustments to the screw-eye line attachment (if the lure runs to one side, slightly rotate the top of the screw eye in the opposite direction). In any application, brace yourself for savage strikes.

Features of these baits include:
  • Model 5433 - Size 60 (1 7/8")
  • Designed for Trout/Bass applications
  • High action trolling & back trolling plug
  • Diver that floats at rest
  • Round bend treble hooks
Listed below are the lure specifications.

604'-6'1 7/8"1/8 oz.

The colors we carry are shown in the table below.

Brown TroutFluorescent RedFrog
Brown Trout Fluorescent RedFrog

PerchRainbow TroutSilver
PerchRainbow TroutSilver

To view the Luhr Jensen Tech Report on Hot Shot Lures, please click HERE.

Please select the color from the list above.

Customer Reviews
United Kingdom
 great plug
Pros: durable, catches pike and perch well
Cons: hard to cast without a spinning reel and light pole
Comments: I use this plug for catching Pike in the UK. It is great. The pike love the action and it these are incredibly durable. I have thrown this thing from the bank and it dives between 1 and 3 feet down which is perfect if you have weeds or other underwater obstacles. I can not recommend these highly enough.
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