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Lamiglas Excel Bass Casting Rods

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Item #: F12124061
This product is no longer available.

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Lamiglas Excel Bass Casting Rods offer more anglers than ever a renewed pride in owning and fishing an American made fishing rod. Feature laden with Lamiglas graphite construction, split grips, Fuji exposed blank reel seats, the deep metallic copper blanks are a delight to fish. The CM models are constructed with American Tackle Micro Lite guides. Toss lighter crankbaits and reaction baits with the new XL 704 glass rod.

The Excel rods come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. These beautiful rods are handcrafted in the USA.

Excel Bass Casting Rod Specifications
ModelLengthLure Wt.
Line Wt.
XL 663 C6' 6"1/4-5/88-15Fast3
XL 703 C7' 0"3/16-5/88-17Fast3
XL 703 CM7' 0"3/16-1/28-17Fast3
XL 704 C7' 0"1/4-3/410-20Fast4
XL 704 CM7' 0"1/4-3/410-20Fast4
XL 705 C7' 0"1/4-112-25Fast5
XL 705 GLASS7' 0"1/4-18-20Fast5
XL 735 C7' 3"3/8-1 1/212-25Fast5
XL 7116 C7' 11"1/2-212-25Fast6


Handle Styles
Lamiglas Bass Casting Rod Handle


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