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Koppers Live Target
Hollow Body Field Mouse Lures

Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Field Mouse Lures feature intricate life-like details that make this rodent so realistic you’ll swear it is alive.

Live Target Hollow Body Field Mouse Lures are the perfect treat for Bass and Pike stalking in heavy cover, waiting to ambush their quarry. These weedless tools are most effective when skirted across the tops of pads and grass mats; however, they also have an incredible side-to-side walk-the-dog action when used in open runs.

Listed below are the lure specifications. We carry the Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Field Mouse Lures in the colors shown in the table below the specifications.

2 1/4"MHB60T5/8 oz.
2 3/4"MHB70T3/4 oz.

Black/White (403)Brown/White (400)

Grey/White (401)White/White (402)

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smaller than i thought
north attleboro ma
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I didn't realize it came in different sizes. hence the sale price. I ended up getting the bigger one later as a gift so I will keep both to compare.
Pros: weedless
Cons: small
Best Uses: topwater weedless, in very weedy ponds on top
great for summer bass!
About Me:
This lures attention to detail is great! casting distance is really good, and its so easy to walk the dog with this lure! drives the bass crazy! after buying one a few weeks ago i now have several, my best colors are black, and all white. highly recomend this lure
Pros: walk the dog, attention to detail, casting distance
Cons: after catching alot of fish the tail comes out
Best Uses: Bass